Population Growth askew


Can we put this down to house prices? I bet we could!!

Commutersville! Anyone??

Are any of our reporters making the connection??

At least the 3 in Cork are serviced by/soon to be serviced by a railway.

And 21m by 2100! Gosh!

Why do they write this rubbish?

Well if one had a look at the Dub-centric figures, the only areas that have really shot up in population are those ones that have had new developments spring up, the likes of Blanchardstown come to mind with a mix of apts/semi-d’s
City centre increases have been obviously due to high rise apts catering for a transient population due to small apt sizes
Rest of commuterville, anytown in Fingal, Meath, Kildare have gone up bar Leixlip for some odd reason which maybe due to the lack of new builds out that way.
All this flight from cities couldn’t be due to high house prices now, would it? :unamused: