I thought the 1Million mark in Portobello was long over? Or did I miss something?


If you think that’s too much, 6 Carlisle St is heading for €1.1m.

Large period house, good nick, walking distance to town. Better value than a lot of dross out there.

Its a gorgeous house in fairness, on a lovely street 10 minutes walk from Stephens Green. When you compare that to myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 103727#map

It is lovely . . . and nicely done up . . .but in January 2014 40 Synge sold for 565K . . .trying to figure out the 400K price tag now . . .

The asking price in Darty is just beyond madness.

You were right :slight_smile:

Sold for €975k on 18-6-15