Portugal downgraded by Fitch

ftalphaville.ft.com/blog/2010/03 … downgrade/

Still, the euro is falling, making me cheaper in the international marketplace as my customer earns mainly in dollars and I charge in euros. Rock on Tommy.

Get on to him today YM. You don’t want him to have to post one-time extraordinary losses due to unhedged Euro exposures. :stuck_out_tongue:

A falling Euro, may push up inflation and hence interest rates…final straw for the property hold out.

I’m pretty sure most of the large Eurozone countries are quite happy to see the Euro plunge. Has anyone heard anyone in EU officialdom talk up the Euro recently? Or display any unhappiness about it? 1.33 versus the dollar is still on the high-side compared to the long illustrious history of the Euro. :wink:

ftalphaville.ft.com/blog/2010/04 … al-cut-it/

Thats what I thought in the UK but 2 years on we have inflation, a falling currency and ‘rising’ house prices.

Will the Euro fall faster than prices?

A 10% fall in prices with a 20% fall in the Euro will leave you worse off.
Couple that with a huge contraction in credit…

Welcome to the UK circa 2008.