'Positive' immigration report

That’s nice Harry, tell me about 2005/6/7 as well please.

How many pre May 1st 2004 immigrants , from the 10 accession states, were there in the 1996-2004 period ???

30,000 total ???

( does not include Romania and Bulgaria who joined later)


who exactly is keeping some of these numbers “live” for you Conor ???

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The central point people have been making is about the flow, the economy is like an oil tanker and once it starts turning it’s awful hard to get it going in the other direction…

PreEu immigrants are completly diffrent demographics, they had to apply for work permits and move to Ireland often with perspective of longer stay. Those would be also working in diffrent jobs, than PostEU immigrants - I can’t imagine Startbucks getting work permits for barista.

Here’s the link:
ireland.com/newspaper/irelan … 39778.html

needs premium access:

aha, further digging finds the full story also on eircom:
home.eircom.net/content/irelandc … =Eircomnet

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Ah well yes, I put in the original subject line to rile ye a bit. I’m a long-time lurker on this board, and as my chosen name suggests I’m a young(ish) renter who would LOVE to see property prices fall 50%, but lord the negativity on this board really annoys me sometimes, just thought ye could use a bit of balance :wink:. After all, how many times have I read stuff like ‘My mate knows someone who works in the laundry who knows this Latvian chick in the local chipper who heard of a Polish guy who’s going home to earn a squillions Euro in Warsaw - feck it we’re all screwed, this country is DOOMED!’. So it annoyed me this article in the Irish Times was ignored; yes I fully accept it doesn’t tell the story of post EU accession immigration.

For the record my original subject line was ‘VI shocker - Pinsters ignore ‘positive’ immigration report’. I trust buried in here as a regular comment, I won’t be censored a second time.

What the f***? So many oddities about this.

  1. Is the spin now that immigrants are staying? Is that the line the govenement is trying to push? Honestly, this must be one of the only examples in the world of a govenement talking up immigration. What a bizarre country we live in.

Alternatively, maybe I am too cynical and there is no spin here, just the journalist’s objective take on the key factoid in the report. Maybe, but the way these things usually work is this: hack gets press release, hack reads first line of press release, hack copies-and-pastes said first line, then throws in a quote, then throws in some background, and bingo, off to Mulligan’s before you can say Newspaper of Record.

  1. Erm, there was Eastern European immigration *before *assesion??? I thought in those days a Pole was something you pegged an election poster to.

  2. “The new information seems to contradict anecdotal evidence that many Polish nationals have left Ireland over the past 12 months because of the sharp downturn in the construction industry.” Huuuuhh??? Are we meant to suppose that post-2004 immigrants are staying in anything like the same numbers as the pre-2004 people? And September’s point absolutely nails the explanation for this. I mean talk about seeing the hole and not the doughnut.

  3. Where are the figures on PPS numbers issued in '05-'08?

Sounds to me like somebody needs a hug


I’ve seen both positive and negative IT articles ignored. I Actually was annoyed about some not being posted too. Thing is though, you need someone who can 1) access the IT premium content and 2) go to the effort of posting it. Now this is a volunteer forum and (as with every website with volunteer forums out there) these things can get missed if no one bothers there arses including yerself.

So, by all means, point out what has been missed. Why not scout the IT for us and bring related articles to our attention like you mention above?

There is some more data covering 05 & 06 here
cso.ie/releasespublications/ … t/ppsn.pdf

Would any EEs working in building have had PPS numbers? Maybe things have changed but I always thought they were paid cash in hand.
If this were the case then any of these workers who left for London would be impossible to track, since the governemt wouldn’t have known they were here in the first place.
I personally thing there are far more immigrants in the country than any of the official figures suggest. Seriously, walk around town or any place on the Luas like Dundrum. There are maybe on average 60% foreigners.
In my boys class there are 16 kids, 6 are Irish.
If there are so many foreigners and the governemt register is so low then you can pretty much write off their reports cause they are not based on fact.

The black economy around construction was simply enormous .

Lots of Brazilians with no PPS number were standing by the road in Gort every morning 2 years back waiting for ca$h in hand day work.

There are way fewer now and there is no way that there were only 800 Brazilians in Gort in 2006 like the census said. It was a lot higher than that !

The Brazilians of Gort were the subject of a big piece in last Saturday’s Irish Times. At least I think it was last Saturday. Unfortunately I can’t remember any figures from it :neutral_face: