Post codes to be operational in 2 yrs … 92373.html

I am really looking forward. The existing system is rubbih.

I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Dempsey announced postcodes in 2005, to be in place for 2008!

But why 3 letters and 3 numbers, would 5 numbers aka the US system not be better?

I enjoyed a system in the Middle East where everything was numbers. Area, block, road, building and then apartment if applicable. Screw up a single number in area / block and there is no chance of letter getting through. I would suspect letter / numbers are better in this respect. Also I am sure three letter / three numbers lend themself to more combinations and better systemisation.

The first to suffer will be the EA. The scope for b/s about the area in the sales add will be reduced. This is also a condition mos likely without which it would be impossible to introduce a UK-style house sales prices record.

Pretty good article by Damien Mulley in the Sunday Times on this topic. Sunday 28th September 2008. … 837446.ece

This looks like being e-Voting Mark 2. Decide you need something. Go to tender. Buy something for obscene amount of money. Realise after a couple of years that you’ve just bought an out of date pile of shite.

  1. Do you need it?
  2. Are there free solutions?
  3. Ignore 1 and 2 and spend spend spend.

While this might look like some kind of progress I view it with utter suspicion. This is a money-making scam for An Post. They will be the owners of the list - targeted junk mail and telephone calls will become the norm. Opt out clauses are, in my experience, worthless - I get quite a lot of crap through my door and in my ear already despite being on every ‘preference’ list. If my experience in the UK is anything to go by junk communication will rise by an order of magnitude. Be careful what you wish for. However, on the bright side, the gubbernment are almost certain to f**k it up!

Here’s an article about a solution that an Irish company has already come up with (no conection). … 2897&trv=1

It’s a pretty good solution and would work with virtually zero cost. Sorry, I’ll correct that, already works with virtually zero cost.

This article came out in October last year so, what with Lehmanns and all, I’m not surprised Eamonn Ryan hasn’t got round to reading it yet.

Yes, talk about reinventing the wheel! The PONC system is already up and running at zero cost to the taxpayer. All An Post need to do is start using it. Last I heard PONC were talking to satnav people to get them to incorporate the PONC on their systems. Somebody send the url to Eamonn Ryan asap! :unamused:

F*cking civil servants! XX


You guys are idiots, seriously.

You go out finding working solutions to problems, that don’t cost anything.
Do you fucking realise that we’re in the middle of a recession?
There’s are literally thousands of public servants trying to justify their jobs, and this is all you have to offer.

What if someone finds out about this PONG system or whatever it’s called? What then?

I’ll tell you what then. No working groups. No 3 years of investigation.
No reports that have to be reviewed by still another working group.
No Taoiseach saying that the findings of the report require a long term implementation.
No implementation group.

It’s gurriers like you that’ll have half the public sector out on the Dole.

And then ye’ll come up with some sort of computerised Dole system so even the social welfare
staff are let go. Let me guess, there’s a system called OpenDole that’s free and available for download.


Sorry. My bad.

I put the PON code from my gaff in the Postcode field for deliveries and around half of all couriers use it nowadays out my way .

It is a letters and numbers system and is not controversial in Gaeltacht areas because the letters are not like BAC or DUB

Urghh, just listened to Eamon Ryan on Matt Cooper. Worry not RD, the jobs of countless pen pushers is safe.

A couple of points jumped out.

Existing Dublin post codes will be incorporated into the new system, so your code will be something like D4XXXX. - A obvious sop to the Irish Property lobby.

For “privacy reasons” the code will be designed so it only narrows your address down to one of, maybe, 40 properties. Hopefully this was just a bit of waffle as, by design, this means any rural postcode will be useless as it may encompass an area the size of a townland. It also sounded like these postcodes were being generated manually somehow, like there was a room full of PS employees merilly digitising polygons.

As described, this will be a new e-voting fiasco, The orignal progblem not understood, left in the hands of Civil Service fools, distorted to cater for every lobby group until the final product is pushed out serving no real purpose.



The road to my house (the new bypass around Tullamore) isn’t on the PON codes map :frowning:

Still, maybe I can get someone to give me Lat&Long from their Garmin-thingy? … cation.php

Privacy Reasons? What you mean if the code was for a particular house and someone had your address they could find out where you live oh no!

Ta :slight_smile:

I can send an envelope containing only 18 characters from anywhere in the world, and it’ll get to me.


I don’t need no stinking’ postcode.

Try giving your address like this to a yank. You can actually convince them that you are royalty.