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The Parasite has had to declare itself officially to the host.

I think they’ve overplayed their hand. There simply isntthe social cohesion in the West as there is in the East (after all the migration along with permanent outsider groups).

Macron is going - his electorate. Boris is going - his own party. Even his dog doesn’t like Micheal Martin.

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Yep, from free donughts > pandemic-of-unvaxxed-murderers in the space of a few weeks.

I’d call that over playing your hand alright big league. :wink:

Turning into the torpedo instead of cooking frogs slowly? I bloody hope so. Or else we’re f*cked.

Threadsirish with his usual excellent work - 81 tweets in the thread.

Ok. This was fast. President only signed in the law a few hours ago. Today - what are breakthrough infections & vaccine escape?

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My only hope is that the government collapses and they have to stand over what they’ve done in an election campaign.

But what could cause that collapse ? Or at least be the pretext for it ? Looking at previous downfalls.

  • Fitzgerald - general uselessness
  • Haughey: bugging journalists
  • Reynolds: paedophile priest, tension between Country & City types
  • Bruton: britlicking in peace process, bribery & corruption
  • Ahern: bribery & corruption
  • Cowen: national bankruptcy
  • Kenny: Tusla and Garda failures
  • Varadkar: housing, but migration being the unsaid thing

So what’s it going to be ?

It might be Twink-hunting - but would that upset anyone in Woke Ireland?

All of the above. All of it.

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Horse + Bolted + Door

Macbeth is now playing in the Park.

The President of Ireland has raised concern over having to consider high volumes of legislation in short time frames in recent times.

Michael D. Higgins wrote to the Oireachtas, expressing his concerns about the high levels of complex legislation he is being asked to consider in short periods of time.

Higgins also raised concerns surrounding “a pattern that has emerged in recent years.”

The President said that since the beginning of July he has been asked to consider 19 different Bills, with 9 of these being presented in one day.

…“Many of these bills are complex and require me to undertake a detail analysis of their constitutional implications. Some may require the seeking of legal advice and others consultation with the Council of State,” Higgins wrote.

“It would strike me, as President and from my years as a parliamentarian, that there must be a more orderly approach to arranging the legislative timetable that allows all legislators the time to consider and contribute to proposals before the Oireachtas without unnecessary time constraints and an unseemly end-of-term haste to have Bills concluded,” he continued.


Leo’s BF got €750 from Pfizer and Ryan Tubridy’s brother got €880 from Merck.

Ha ha very good, nicely done, apply your imagination and you might consider, those are the look-here not-there payments, for such operations that deal in billins n’ billins globally, that’s probably not even 1c down the back of the sofa for these outfits - class these as the distraction payments if they have been reported in the media - the way real buy-offs happen are most probably eye watering suitcases of cash and holidays and stuff like that given to people you never heard of (Mary holds the string tied to Charlies key, but needs the ok from Francis to move toward the door to unlock) - but you never see these people in the media, they’re not household names - that’s how you would do it right, and you would be doing it from the very start so that would mean it becomes normal practice for decades and decades. Whole (permanent) governments are keystone cogs, permanently in pockets for more years than anyone cares to know about, and sure why worry, metres thick stone walls of best practise and oversight represent a robust mechanism of protection for those inside the castle, yea they sure sure do, cause no one can see what is going on.

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I write a lot of unposted posts, just found another one in the cache from August no less, posting for the record:

So looks like the plan is you will never be free of the Evil Regime, it will be annual or bi annual boosters or tri-annual booster depending on how gone your immune system is and if you are lucky to still be alive. What luck to be alive but the new Cradle to Grave medical techno paradise is here

You might want to think about that for a bit. See how you feel about it. You never got a vote on it and you probably never will. The Rule of Law has been ripped up. Rule by Law one day but somedays it’s more like Rule By analogy, highly relative bullshit, the classic mark of pure evil.

Yea it’s August but holidays are not for this year.

You rights, republic and nation are currently set to permanent holiday for your living detention

Globo Homo Animal Techno Pharm


They were at this last year about “safe protests”, Chief Bilderberger Simple Simon was one of the first out of the gates, while at the same time hailing protestors elsewhere in the world. They are so incredibly bought and paid for at this point.

They have zero legitimacy and they actually know it.

The Menace’s minions will be as good as attempting to suspend elections through the usual means, like the snap election right before the shit show, leading us to this synthetic occupational regime.

The plan has been in place a long time. All assets marshalled around the world, Ireland is no different. even if you mistakenly took their poison, you can still break your connection with evil by rejecting their propositions and unsolicited power grab - pussy’s when it comes to confrontation.

Safe Spaces 4 All

They’re textbook at this point, Animal Pharma to precise.

Protests outside politicians’ homes ‘crossing a line’ - Minister

…Helen McEntee said she is awaiting the outcome of a review by the Department of Justice into the safety of offices holders, but she also said she was willing to look at the issue of “safe spaces” for everyone.

You Home is Your Safe Space… kind has a ring to it, woudl it be designated as your primary safe space. I wonder er is there a form to register it as your primary safe space, anyhoo, good thing they are not curtailed by a pesky thing like a Constitution and a citizenry with inaleillable rights and gooey icky things like that, any unvaccinated scum who looks the wrong way at a esteemed office holder, should be shot on sight. :icon_beer:

She added that tech companies have a role to play in online safety, particularly in making sure that any threatening material is taken down, but she also said the Government can do a number of things.

The minister said they were working on the post of online safety commissioner, but if further legislation was needed in this area, it would be implemented.


They’re gonna make the internet SAFER 4 ALL :rescue_worker_helmet: :+1:

Who doesn’t want a SAFER 4 ALL internet? :man_shrugging:

Impressive stuff.

I think the online safety bill needs its own thread, or perhaps a resurrection of the old Control of the Internet thread. Maybe retitled
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