Post-Injection Death & Medical Event Anecdotes Watch

If the trend is like other places then this is the thread/topic and if there is not reliable IE database on the figures.

People will begin to acquire growing number of examples directly or anecdotally of family, friends, work colleges or neighbours who have gotten one or more of the experimental injections and suspected it might be connected to their sudden death or death in close proximity, had a medical emergency/admitted to ICU, or some other health corners, or commonly enough are not feeling the same as before, less energy, not their usual self.

If you wish to share those, as a gift to the common good, please do, you do not have to include exact details the basic insights like for example:

I know 3 people who got it and are now either dead or in serious condition:

  1. Uncle-In-Law got both (late 60’s) dead 2 days after the second one.
  2. Lady down the road got both and 3 weeks later she has been in and out of the GP’s with shingles.
  3. Mother’s cousin’s elderly brother collapsed a few hours after the first injection. In ICU now.

No point in spamming with took all the injection 7 times twice over and feel fine. You might have got the placebo. Do you trust what you got in the shot and the other shot? Do you really know what you got? Did you read the ingredients list? Was the sample to standard or was it magical?

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Dead. My friend is dead. Not from covid or the death stab but because of covid. Her generally routine op was put off numerous times since March 20.

After taking ill Tuesday and hospitalized yesterday she is now dead. Two boys with no Mamma and a devastated husband.

Routine stuff, left, postponed, cancelled, covid stuff reasons Dead. RIP.

What the fuck are we doing to our people.


I am so sorry to hear that, both of you.

Immediate and other anecdotes I’m encountering now appear to cluster around these main areas: Stroke. Heart. Haemorrhaging.

In many cases it’s serious hospitalising life changing stuff. Skirting the coat tails of death. I’d like to say I’m making it up but sadly not. 2021 is outnumbering 2020 for anecdotal casualties of WAR by a order of magnitude.

So - I know we’ve mentioned luciferase being in this but has anyone seen something like this yet? Still from a video on telegram, so I’ve no online linky, sorry. Narrator says this started showing after the second shot - then the vein in his hand shortly thereafter.

I think that lad did the lightbulb videos so maybe another distraction. He could have gotten a shot of a tracer and claims it’s something other. Other people will break out the black lights and we’ll see.

This was March they’d hardly got going - What’s the figure now?

Over 3,000 reports of suspected side effects due to Covid-19 vaccine reported in Ireland

March 17 2021 02:56 PM

There have been 3,484 reports of suspected side effects relating to the Covid-19 vaccines in Ireland, the newest data from the Health Products Regulatory Authority shows.

In addition, the agency said that it has received a small number of reports associated with blood clots following vaccination with the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Many comments and anecdotes on, here is one example:

Don’t have a huge circle of people I engage with either, but I have still to hear of a death from covid in our larger community.

28-year-old diabetic, received vaccine early as in risk group. Less than 24 hours after 2nd shot hospitalized for 7 weeks.

42+ but no more than 45 got shingles after the first shot, chronic fatigue after the second shot. Runs a farm, unable to work for the last month, locals helping out.

70+ already had a stroke but was recovering at home. After first shot was in the hospital for 3 or 4 days after losing the ability to use his legs, brain scans revealed nothing, regained enough function to return home. In the first week after the second shot, suffered severe confusion and had to return to the hospital. Has again lost the ability to walk and is incoherent.

These are just a few. As I said my circle is small.

There are others who are experiencing general malaise, which is expected post-vaccination, but for many, this has been continuing for weeks.

They just don’t feel healthy. These are people who are very pro-vaccine BTW.


Two family members got it last week (one tested positive, the wife with similar symptoms didn’t bother with the test). Both vaxxed. Both boosted. First Covid infection for one, second time for the other.

3 repeated infections this morning in the office. 1 sudden death (48 years). Among those not vaccinated that I know of no sickness.

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On the point of sudden death - That’s a 0.5% fatality rate, extrapolate across a population of 5 million and you get 250,000 deaths.

2022 is a noticeable year anecdotally for many things, and deaths is one of them within anecdotal circles and connections - not 2021 or 2020 but this year I’ve heard of more deaths than previous years and also medical events, and so the numbers are most likely going to be disturbing as anticipated, maybe not 250,000 projection disturbing but none the less horrifying, bu you might reach the higher numb if you count death + disabled-through-illness and then it becomes rather devastating.

Sure not to worry, you have to think big picture, we have our replacement population arriving everyday now so there is that small mercy. :icon_beer:

If you go to Google and do a site search unexpectedly suddenly

I’m no statistician. But when you switch to an image search…