Post on AAM re Editoral policy.

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I have posed a question in AAM re: the editorial policy.
They may have to protect themselve from various legal issues.

I have noticed that only threads containing negative sentiment have been closed. Perhaps it would be better if all thread, both positive and negative should be closed to ensure that there is no grounds for ppl to claim that AAM are displaying bias.

I will link back to this thread to show that my intentions are no sinister.

Cheers Btooth…6#post52360326

Hi there to whichever of the admin can help explain this to me.

I am of the understanding that discussion of property prices isn’t allowed here.

But, to be fair, I have noticed, that only the threads that have any negative sentiment seem to be the only ones closed down, but not the ones that display confidence / positive sentiment.

I think this displays a discrepancy in editorial policy, but, I may be reading this all the wrong way.

As my old Gran used to say,what is good for the goose is good for the gander. I like this site and find it insightful, but I also believe that current situation seems somewhat one sided and may be construed as showing a bias. All locked threads in this particular section and throughout the remainder of the the site display negative sentiment whilst all active threads display positive sentiment. All should be treated similarly.

I understand if this thread may need to be closed, but please, can someone outline the editorial policy so no body can state that AAM is shying away for issues, or that it is being one sided and protecting / promoting, any vested interests (not that i am claiming or insinuating this in any way)

Please don’t just delete this post and pretend I never asked the question.
I have contributed to this site on many areas and would not like to see AAM being branded as being biased or serving the needs of any company, service or body. Please help reaffirm, too both myself and my fellow users, the impartiality and independence of this great site.


i admire what you are doing but i have a sneaky suspicion that this will result in a ban…

“As I have said, your attribution of bias to the mods is offensive to me personally and to all the mods.”

Thread locked. :astonished:

I agree with much of what you say, although I don’t buy any argument that says that “VIs shut down the thread” - I just believe their moderation policies are not conducive to discussion rather than purely factual threads. “It was boring and prevented any meaningful discussion” which is some statement considering there were hundreds of thousands of views. They’re a huge site and have lots of momentum and incoming links, but they need competition - who’s on? :wink:

The reply in full before the thread was locked.

Dont get this ? Which part is offensive ?

I witnessed no bar fight. In fact the hassle only started when a particular moderator took it upon himself to ban posting of property prices.
Each day new links were been posted to the thread so it was a fluid commentary on property events. To say nothing new was been said is false.

I personally dont get it. So somone should write a balanced assessment even as we witness falling prices and rising supply. Thats akin to writing the merits of Titantic staying afloat as the lifeboats are been lowered.

It seems that while the thread was wildly popular with most visitors to the site, the moderators found it repetitive, boring and lacking meaningful discussion. Its their call I suppose, though I still find it peculiar that the self evidently most viewed thread was removed. I don’t buy into a conspiracy theory, I think the explanation is much more prosaic. I think that many people find open debate of contentious subjects unnerving and upsetting; the term is cognitive dissonance I believe.

All this seemed to blow up after aam went for drinks one friday a few weeks back. I wonder what was being said after a rake of pints, but their approach makes them look very silly just locking threads that are not glowingly positive about the market. If anything it’s a bit of an insult to some of the positive well informed debate on the thread. Plus an insult to our intelligence.

Who could write this ‘balanced’ summary? Where would you find the bulls at the minute? Andy doof? Leave it out…

They are in denial. Isn’t this part of one of the stages David McWilliams talked about in his 7 stages of every bubble?

Really good post baby tooth.

I just don’t get Brendan Burgesses reply! :open_mouth:

He and the mods and *some *others on AAM may have found the property sentiment boring, but clearly LOTS of visitors and regular contributors to the site didn’t! I certainly didn’t.

Also, to suggest that it was a “meaningless discussion” is an insult to those who contributed in good faith to the thread and who found the topic interesting and insightful. I took the time to contribute occasionally to the AAM public sentiment thread and I don’t consider my contributions, or anyone elses, to have been meaningless. :cry: :open_mouth: :angry:

Thanks a lot Brendan!

hey all.

I felt i was posing a valid question. It was by far and away there biggest and most viewd post, so it quite clearly was popular to alot of ppl.

I feel that Brenadan iis quite harsh in calling my post offensive and disingenious. I belive that I was polite and fair in what I said.
In my post i had included a link to their editorial policy which states that posts are valid even if they don’t agree with the content.

Anyhow, I have emailed him to apologise for being offensive and so on.
I haven’t been banned from the website, I feel becasue this would only draw more attention to the whole thing.

Anyhow…hopefully this over-zealous moderation by certain individuals may ease off.


If people didn’t like the thread they didn’t have to look at it. It was a unique thread as it posted an awful lot of fact, rather than the usual mumbo jumbo. There was even stuff about the population profile after the census, the birth rate in 1980 etc.

Good stuff, Good post baby tooth

I have to say that was a poor reply for tha many reason outlined already by posters here & shows they did not value the thread & most active & analytical posters active on it. Now they have lost a lot of posters who might have also contributed to other threads & traffic, plain and simple.

Now heres a fact, what Brendan Burgess & AAM seem to be missing, or just not getting is that the porperty market is so out of whack that you are not going to get balanced analysis becasue the facts on the groung & anecdotal evidence that the whole market is malfunctioning and is going to correct in the extreme is undeniable.

But you can’t say that can you…

Just had a look through this thread. What posters seem to be missing is that Brendan Burgess OWNS the site. It is not an ‘open’ forum in the literal sense as HE decides what can or cannot be shown. In reality the control can be perceived as manipulation. Burgess will openly admit he likes this control and that is the reason he has the board in the first place. To give him his due he spends the vast quantity of his time moderating the board and no doubt he gets a lot of personal satisfaction from it. I believe a lot of the ‘banned’ have a sense of injustice which is due to a sense of misguided loyalty. Simply disagree with editorial policies or just his veiwpoint and frequent posters will be dispensed with asap. Posters make the board what it is yet all but pawns…check out IFRA, Today FM…means to an end?

baby_tooth, your question was very well put. It was polite and was not provocative in any way.

Brendan’s response however was completely disproportionate. He seemed genuinely upset and antanogised by your question. I just don’t understand what has got him so rattled about the whole housing market debate and I can’t help feeling that there is more to this that we do not yet know.

He repeated his stance that he will not open up debate until someone comes up with a ‘balanced’ review of all the bull and bear points. This is simply ridiculous. If his site were for the publication of full and thorough academic research by experts only that would be fine, but many visitors to his and other forums are there to learn, pose questions and debate the answers to aid their understanding of the issues.

Brendan appears to have lost his focus here. Or has he? As I say, I suspect that there is more to this than we know. Brendan is obviously an intelligent guy. I can’t believe he would willfully stifle debate on such a hugely important issue just because he can’t be bothered to moderate all the posts.

out of sight out of mind.

i agree there is something that i forcing his hand in this way. The reaction i received was extremely reactionary and over the top.

I can’t help but feel that perhaps he realises that the thread was coming close to a large untameable beast. It was talked about in several papers. I have a feeling that AAM doesn’t want to be seen as the site that brought about a property crash…it may sound ridiculuos, but when things go wrong people always try and blame someone else…

genuine fear…

Since Brendan is so clearly an arch-narcassist (note the way his sig line says “Brendan Burgess, Founder, AAM”…purrrlease!) it is highly probable that he’ll have a look at this thread.

So Brendan, let me say this as clearly as possible: you are making youself look like an absolute clown with your string of barely-comprehensible and routinely contradictory posts on this matter.

Just one example:

Erm…and post it where exactly Brendan? Isn’t it precisly the point that that there’s nowhere to post such opinions on AAM? Or should people perhaps Private Message you with posts in advance to see if they meet your approval?

(As an aside, it’s also nice of you to share your opinion that the thousands of people who posted in the sentiment thread did not, in fact, make a “real contribution”. An outstanding way to totally insult people Brendan. And if that is not what you meant, then for Christ’s sake choose your words more carefully in future).

So, suppose one could indeed find somewhere to post this Magnum Opus, what happens if someone posts a reply in disagreement…would the discussion then be closed down? Or would it be a 1 post thread? Or pehaps you envisage the thread consisting solely of people simply agreeing with the OP’s “balanced” summation. “Good show! A most balanced and excellent executive summary!”.

And just to linger on this point for a moment, it is lauaghable beyond reason to consider that any such “balanced assessment of the future direction of property prices” is even possible to write. I mean, who the hell do you think your posters are, John Maynard Keynes? Sorry sweatheart, this is a pathetic effort to sound open-minded on the matter and frankly shows the contempt you have for the more simple-minded amongst us who have never reached the dizzy heights of “founding” an interent message board.

Do you not realise that all this does nothing but make you appear, frankly, idiotic. I employ no rhetorical hyperbole in that sentence at at all by the way…I mean precisely to say that your posts are the garbled ramblings of an idiot.

Brendan, my problem with all this is not the substantive issue. Frankly, if there were nowhere to post about house prices I couldn’t care less. No, my problem is with your general intellectual idiocy and dishonesty on this subject.

One final thought. I, like others, browse several internet message boards. Personally, I look at some sports boards, political ones, economics ones, various boards related to hobbies of mine, a couple of general discussion boards, and one related to my profession.

NEVER, and I mean NEVER, have I seen a site administrator anywhere on the whole net instituting the kinds of editorial policies you have. Never. On any topic (and we’ve all seen internet posts on far more incendiary topics than HPs). It’s like a political discussion board, but with no discussion of Fine Gael or Fianna Fail because, heck, it’s all been said before and sure it just ends up in a slagging match anyway. Maybe someone could write a balanced summary of the future direction of the parties etc…you get the picture.

Think that’s exageratting? Yeah, well, given that you run a forum about “money” and yet the hottest financial topic in the country - the direction of house prices - is interdit, you’ll excuse me if I don’t take your opinion on what’s an exageration too seriously.

Anyway, nice talking to you. We must meet up for a beer some time.

We said (written) Chomp!

I was originally delighted when I came upon AAM. But I just steer clear of the place these days. It’s like being at a party that you thought you were welcome at and then feeling most unwelcome! :open_mouth: You never know if your post will be ‘acceptable’ to powers that be. You get the strong impression that the mods are there ready to pounce (for something as benign as not using spell check or something ridiculous like that!).

You start to get the *feeling *that there’s something strange going on behind the scenes :open_mouth: Spooky!

But enough about a chat site where those who contribute are not appreciated and on to a much more interesting topic, namely, what are you all getting me for Christmas?? :smiley:

Over on AAM there was a topic entitled “Sean Dunne, Dunne-for?â€

i’m sure someone can script something that will post multiple comments that would be seen…

it would be an interesting little project for our more it litterate memebers…