Post total heading towards the half-million mark

Just saw on the front page that the total number of posts on “Irish Property Bubble & Current Market Sentiment - Part III Unity” is nearing 500,000…

Fair dues to all concerned.

The rate of increase in posts of late is pretty staggering too.
In inverse proportion to the fall in property values?

I think it reads 50,000 :wink:

Still, pretty impressive nonetheless,

So it does. :blush:

Ha ha you totally ruined it, Its like saying you won 100 euro, er no sorry actually you only won 1
coincidentally this hapens to be my 100th post!

Prove that claim.

So what are you saying about the redundancy of time lagging indicators geckko? As soon as he posts his next post, his post above with it’s claim is out of date! It would be far better for him to give an estimate of when his 150th post would be based on past experience of posting rates and his current sentiment towards the pin!

I think it is an amusing paradox. You see those post in many forums next to posters with 1,713 post. :slight_smile:

I’ll just have to write a script that goes and edits that post each time i post a new one - i get it - it reads 101 now!