Posting Tables from Excel

How does one do this?

Advice appreciated

Two options:
Take a picture capture and put it on an image site and link to it using img ] tags.

Copy and paste the data into a notepad type program (I use context programmers editor, free to download).

Adjust as required so everything lines up.
Convert tabs to spaces.

Cut and paste onto the 'pin and enclose in code ] tags.


Any further options on this?

Every month I haver a few Excel tables which I end up manually re-writing in a post and they don’t look as good.

I’ve tried the Code version above, which works but only one font type and colour, not as easy to read, etc

I’ve googled it and going to File>Web Page Preview>then right click and select View Source.

This gives you the html code if it’s allowed on the message board and know what you’re doing. Answer is No to both of them for me!

Try the image hosting approach:

(You can always provide a separate link to the raw data on PasteBin or G.Drive etc. if you want)

Nice summary there. :wink:

If you think you need it, somebody has probably thought the same: paste from a spreadsheet, output bbcode table to bbcode, again paste from a spreadsheet VBA macro (Excel 2007) output bbcode

File, Save As

Select Formatted Text (Space delimited) (*.prn)

This will save the current worksheet only as a text file. Be careful to save your spreadsheet as XLS/XLSX before you do this and then close the file after saving as .PRN after without saving the spreadsheet.

The resulting text file can be opened using Notepad or similar, copied and posted within [code/ … [/code] tags. This will make the information at least partially legible.

You may need to adjust the column widths to ensure columns are displayed correctly. Generaly if you have some clear space between columns in Excel, it will display correctly.

Try it a few times to get used to it.

Avoid long column names. Data that extends between column boundaries or that wraps or cells that contain multiple lines of data will not display correctly.

Just did a test of that and it’s working. I’ll play around and see how I get on