Posts/threads being edited/removed/closed

What exactly is going on here?

I have noticed several changes, all unattributed, to posts and threads in the last 24hours.

Additionally, another thread was closed and a member supposedly banned.

The commonality seems to be anyone without a right-on lefty approach is targeted. Is there a socialist bias at work here?

There certainly seems to be. Anyone else noticed this?


Maybe Brendan finally got that Guest Mod spot he was after.

LOL - its all going a bit ‘Burgess’, right enough.

It is important that the reasons for censoring on a board like this (which I read a lot and trust) are made clear, are stated completely and are transparent.


I have a feeling this thread may be self fulfiling

Do you mean on the post apocalypse threads? OW was pretty clear that is what s/he would do.

I like it, if it is!

Very post-apocalypse!!!

Why have my been removed in the “What Animals do we eat” (or whatever its called) section? I’ve also noticed that a lot of my other posts have been removed. I haven’t written anything remotely offensive - what gives? Is it a glitch? PM if necessary please.

I made some unflattering but otherwise harmless comments in Bubble Radio about a Joe Higgins appearance and it disappeared without accreditation.

The Cult of Joe :smiley:

Not just those threads - others have been closed/edited ‘for your own good’.

Needle, nobody was banned in the last 24 hours.

That part of the forum is intended to be serious, hence the moderation. Specific users are not being moderated, the subject matter it.

I don’t think needle is referring to someone being banned in the last 24 hours. I think the thread he was talking about was the one about the student riots which got closed and a user banned.

Must grow a scraggly beard and buy some shabby clothes and stop living the centrist-capitalist lie that my suit traps me in.

Right on.

Dont forget the chip on your shoulder and your sense of entitlement to other peoples money!
Wouldnt be complete without it!

it will have gone full circle when discussion of the future of the irish property market is finally banned here


It’ll never happen as there is no future for it! :nin