Pot calling kettle, come in kettle...

“Someone would have to work very hard to convince me that self-regulation works.”

Well, you know what they say, ask someone who knows! :unamused:

Theres no point in moaning about him, we get to ‘regulate’ bertie every 4 or 5 years in the guise of a general election.

I hate to say it, but his own dodgyness and that of FF (and others), are a reflection on our own society.
The reoccuring elections of lowry and cooper-flynn are a damning indictment on Ireland and the Irish.

Shameful :frowning:

Changed my mind. Don’t want to post this, said in anger. :smiley:

So we’ll kill off self regulation and introduce a large group of civil servants with masses of red tape and that’ll fix it… :unamused:

The word “regulation” to my mind implies that whatever is to be regulated is to be made answerable to a higher/independent power. In Ireland, the State is supposed to be the entity which derives power from the people and is supposed to act in their interest. If the State is not the enitity to regulate an industry I dont see who else is qualified to do it. If its accepted that the State is the entity which should regulate on behalf of the rights of consumers/citizens (delete as appropriate), it would seem clear that nobody other than the representatives of the State are in a position carry it out. Presumably they would be legal professionals in the employ of the State. However, the important part is that they are in the employ of the State. Either that or continue with the Status Quo.


I work in the private sector and there is a fine line between over regulation and underregulation. Think Enron.

Self regulation can work if it’s policed properly and has a good track record. When it doesn’t work it needs to be outsourced. A private organisation is often at risk of becoming too alligned with the requirements of the industry it is regulating. A public organisation can be at risk of being too process or beauraucracy focused.

An ombudsman is often an excellent mechanism for regulation of private or public monopolies

The ultimate free market in all things is somewhere like somalia.

The state’s primary responsibility is to regulate interactions between citizens to ensure the long term economic stability and security of it’s people. Too little regulation is just as damaging as over regulation.

I suggest an independent ombudsman with a strong financial or legislative background but no legal qualification.

I suppose it wouldn’t be long before a court case… :laughing: