Potential price drop in pretty southside locations

So has anyone a take on the state of play in pretty southside locations - Sandycove, Dun Laoghaire etc. Been looking at a funky three bed for 300,000 - suspect a further third may shave off over the next year and a half, but tempted by its beauty, watcha think?

Do you have a link? So far the best prices Ive seen in ‘nice’ southside is 200-250 for a shoebox needing full refurbishment.

Step away from the sherry.

Ok ok, don’t by fooled by my emphasis on aesthetics. I’ve been holding out a good ten years for this era, never believed the hype of the greedy morons, watched in horror as most were - know that all most of the country is still in denial. BUT, we really really like this one, are getting it for nearly 20% below asking price, are braced for it to fall another 20%, but happy to live there for the rest of our aesthetically fulfilled lives. Is there a case for buying now in such a case?

Maybe I’ll have just one more small dry sherry…

that doesn’t mean anything when the seller deliberately sets their asking price at 120% of market rate then lets themself be “haggled down” by the “canny buyer”.

Asking price means nothing; you should be comparing to the actual selling price of houses in the same area.