PPR Analysis 24th of May

Quiet this Avo, so did a little messing around with the Dublin PPR Dataset.


In its 5 years of operating, they havent bothered to try and improve the methodology at all, dispute the obvious problems such as these entries.

Candidate for privatisation.

Date of Sale (dd/mm/yyyy), Address Price (€)
24/07/2014 Block F K and L Central Park, Leopardstown €86,365,000
28/03/2014 Blocks F K and L Central Park, Leopardstown €70,503,358
15/01/2016 Tallaght Cross West, Tallaght €64,085,057
06/09/2013 Clancy Barracks, Clancy Quay €61,828,634
19/06/2013 CLANCY QUAY, ISLANDBRIDGE €60,528,634
31/10/2013 Alliance Building, The Gasworks €38,700,000
17/06/2015 Heuston South Quarter Development, St. John’s Road West €35,045,714
25/06/2015 Apartments 1-80 Dundrum View, Dundrum, Dublin 14 €28,050,000
08/11/2012 Units in Sandford Lodge, Sandford Close €27,000,000
06/09/2013 Sandford Lodge, Sandford Close €27,000,000
08/10/2014 6 Luttrellstown Park, Luttrellstown Wood, Castleknock €26,286,500
01/08/2014 65 Residential Units, Robswall, Malahide €21,062,296
06/12/2013 Development, Tallaght Cross, Tallaght €20,804,659
06/10/2014 75 Apartments at, Lansdowne Gate, Drimnagh €20,216,518
06/10/2014 75 Apartments at, Lansdowne Gate, Drimnagh €20,216,518
06/10/2014 74 Apartments at, Lansdowne Gate, Drimnagh €19,946,964

It is much worse than that (as hilarious false transactions such as 5 Temple Gardens have shown).

Outside of 2014 (the mini-peak) there have not been over 50 “real” PPR sales over 2m in any year in Dublin.

I did a scrub of all high-end Dublin “real” PPR sales since 2012 to ye 2015 and posted them on this thread.

As you can see, “real” average high-end Dublin sales in 2015, were back to 2013 high-end levels (after mini-peak of 2014).

I have a feeling that when I do the same for 2016, it will be slightly weaker again vs. 2015.

Median please. Average price is not worth citing.

Data quality is indeed total crap. It could easily be solved by legislating that each stamp duty return includes the postcode and square footage of the property.

This would allow me to build the most perfect house price index in the world!

Square meterage please :slight_smile:, can be taken from the BER, which is mandatory anyway.
At least a distinction between apartments and houses would be nice for statistical purposes (can always be checked manually for individual properties with Street View etc.).

It’s quite clear that nobody in officialdom gives a rats hole about the quality of the PPR. That is borne out by the shoddiness of the data, and the replies given by the PSRA, Revenue and politicians to queries from me and others on the Pin. The PPR was a quick and dirty (very dirty) way to be seen to fullfil a ministerial promise back in the day. Even a glance at the PPR home page reveals a classic piece of ass covering – they eschew all responsibility for the data but promise to bring reported errors to the attention of Revenue. The don’t mention that Revenue are just as lackadaisical about the quality since they collect the data for a completely different purpose and have no mandate to do otherwise. It’s a complete joke.

Another “world class” government service.