ppr not fit for purpose

Just read the article here on the indo

It does seem like there is zero accountability for the delibrerate miss-entering of information into the ppr

independent.ie/life/home-gar … 05255.html


It is a public sector quango. You expect accountability or good quality of work?! :open_mouth:

I would like to point out that many properties for sale do not have BER ratings posted. That is against the law. Who is responsible for regulating and enfofcing this? You guesswed it the Property Services Regulatory Authority who operate the PPR

When I complained to them last year they replied to say my comments “were noted” which is a polite way of saying please fuck off and stop annoying us.

At this stage I think it’ll have to go further up the food chain to European level before anything is done about it.

Permanent Primary Residence? If I wanted spurious acronyms I would have gone to Boards.ie XD



I had the pleasure of dealing with this nonsense last year when i bought my house.
It was listed as being in Cavan - hundreds of miles away.

Rang solicitors - told nothing to do with them.
Rang pp reg - told nothing to do with them - was solicitor’s fault
Rang solicitor back - told nothing they could do but later got email from solicitor with stamp duty number - told to ring them.
Rang Revenue - told nothing to do with them, to ring PP reg again

Rang PP reg again, got rude man who told me they do nothing to the list/entries, it was the solicitor’s clerk’s error. WAS so mad at this stage i said “so let me get this right, you no nothing all day - just sit looking at the prop price register and being paid for it…” He hung up. :mrgreen:

Finally, i got nasty with solicitor’s clerk and they admitted they entered it incorrectly and so they finally fixed it.

Also, i have seen various entries for Dublin in the register for my county and i was suspicious that they were being hidden for a little while…

got a reply back from them to my latest complaint.
They say the seller or purchasers can alter the entries. I pointed out that the seller and purchaser are often motivated not to disclose the details correctly and that there is no way for the public to edit it. I asked them not to call it a register if they had no interest in maintaining it as a true and reliable record of transactions.

One would think that PPR errors would be an excellent source of potential tax investigations, as there is no doubt a correlation between vendors making “mistakes” on the PPR and making “mistakes” on other trivial bits of red-tape-gone-mad like tax returns and financial disclosures to creditors.

Which arm of the Revenue did you ring?

Suspicious Transactions Unit?
revenue.ie/en/contact/invest … ision.html

This thread is why I like the Property Pin so much. Most people just wouldn’t bother or, if they did, would give up easily. Well done everybody.

Actually emailed my FG and Labour TD’s after I posted this, waiting on their reponse still.

I was told by the solicitor to ring the Stamp Duty section - i have no idea why.

That suspicious transactions link is interesting - i’ll investigate it later! (excuse the pun)

I have also in the past, when i was watching prices of houses i had bid on etc, reported errors on addresses to the PP reg but i just got a thank you and no information. I really think this issue is very important.

I, too, am going to email some TDs.

PS one of the most annoying things i found is the rural addresses that just name a townland that to my knowledge is at least 10 miles square.

I wonder would we be able to get the postcode linked in to it when they come in?

Dear Daisy

Thanks for highlighting the bullshit lack of responsibility by so called professionals ( solicitors ) and civil servants ie those who run the PPR.

Your story is astonishing. We have set up this PPR and now already after some 5 years it’s slipped back into (or never got out of) a low quality couldn’t-give-shit-spublic-service.

It’s why I rue the day we are no longer under the supervision of the Troika. And why I hate every single Quango we have set up they soak up taxpayers’ money and deliver substandard service.

Suggestion: write to the law society and make a incompetence related complaint against the responsible solicitor. They should know a lot better than to screw up and then lie.

Question: who benefits from inaccurate data in PPR? Is it estate agents who feel there is too much knowledge, is it the sellers who don’t want their selling price published, or is it the buyer who doesn’t want the property taxman having accurate data?

Ps. Writing to our TDs is an interesting option but instead of taking the appropriate course and legislating all we seem to want them to do is hold clinics and write us letters in response. I don’t know if this achieves much.

Best of luck.

So the only thing on the legal side of this issue is professional misconduct of the solicitor, right?
No penalties etc.?

BTW, it should at least reflect house or apartment, m² and/or number of bedrooms.

When I mailed them I asked about postcodes and they didn’t answer that question.

I’m not so sure it will,if they can’t even put the property in the correct county or take the time to even spell the address correctly then there’s really little hope of them managing or indeed caring about correctly inputting the data relating to the postcode.

I remember when that farce was launched within a day or so several posters here had designed similar sites to stream the data that were a million miles removed from the soviet style user unfriendly clunkiness of a site that had taken God knows how long and cost God only knows how much to cobble together.

Had it been launched in 1994 it still would have been shite.

Anyone who gave this five seconds intelligent thought would realise that the Revenue data was not a sound basis for a property price register. That nobody is responsible for the mess, or willing to undertake to fix it, is par for the course. And the minister responsible (Shatter) is gone now too. Even with the distinction he was careful to make between a property price register and a property price index – the subtlety of which is lost on me, but apparently means most of the data you’d expect is missing – he at least promised “accurate prices of residential properties purchased at a particular date”. The actuality falls short of even that.

The best thing that could be hoped for now is that Revenue will require a post code on the eStamping system, and validate it, when post codes go live next year. Won’t happen, of course.

PSRA sent a reply back to me telling me that I should do the work myself where I discover properties are not properly declared.

I replied telling them that I can’t understand why they would want to go in to work for the next 20 years knowing that what they do doesn’t make a difference and that they should take the opportunity of introduction of postcode introduction to have proposed legislation available to give their office some bite and let a Minister, Senator or TD table it, have it voted upon and pass it in to law like all other government bodies do.