PR offensive from gov/CBs coming?

Interesting tidbit from … ent-160245

Anyone else heard any sniffs?

Well there is a feeling of the week before Lehmans went under about this weekend.

This would only confirm the feeling…,1518,778764,00.html

Short version. Italy is too big too save. It seems it may be fully locked out of the bond market. Where will that 245B of roll over funds come from now?

My gut feeling after the last “bailout” a few weeks ago is that even though Spain and Italy were up next that there could be a very sudden lurch in the dynamics of the crisis so that it by passed them and we ended up with Germany as the prime focus. And the Germans dont want that because they have as many “issues” as France. It will be interesting to see if the politicians try to double up yet again by semi-nationalizing their banking systems before admitting that the euro was the camel to end all camels.

Wow! All weekend to produce one page of spin???

I wonder how much that works out per word? (just asking like being a taxpayer an all).

The establishment is quite capable of spending an absurd amount of time and money trying to convince the plebs that punching more holes in the bottom of a sinking ship will allow the rising waters to drain out and keep us all afloat. And the net result will be ? :mrgreen:

Maybe we’ve turned another corner?

I look forward to reading about it.

Does this mean the irish punt/peso printing press has started?

No shortage of hyperbole there. Is the purchase of Italian bonds not money printing by the back door at this stage.

Maybe, but could not the poster have revealed more information and insight pertaining to type of content since they too state they are working on preparations.

As for the printing press, heard an anecdote some months back where such a revelation was aired as fact one late night. The pronouncement came from someone who would be in the know or thats how it was put to me and that made it all the more worrying for those present. Yes drinks consumed, but it was enough to shut everyone up at the table and sober them up. You always get the pre-sale bargains down Anecdote Alley. Make of it what you will. I woudl have expected something like that to have come out if it where so.

Who knows. Maybe a simple IE stamped directly on every EURO note would be enough to act as proxy currency until Robert Ballagh could win the next tender to design some more Irish notes. Coins woud be a bit tricker. They could be restamped or have a hole placed in them.

I’m sure the plates still exist for all the previous incantations of Irish currencies in some vault.

More likely the talk of defaults, reverting to pesos and punt nuas, the Germans putting their foot down, and so on, is just preliminary PR leading up to the PR for a new fiscal union. Sowing the seeds of fear of the alternative / the unknown.

“positive developments for Ireland”. These lads are all on the phone to each other every night. No doubt.