Prague House, College Road, Castleknock (-250k, -8.5%)

Was 2.95m … .04.08.php

Now 2.70m … XS00003042

“plans have been drawn up recently for a second house which it is proposed to build in the grounds at the back.” … 05734.html

Guess this is the result … -15/432163
Asking 1.495m

2 Prague House now asking 1.195m … -15/432163

No.2 now 975K … -15/432163

Site 2: Sale Agreed: … -15/432163

No listing for Prague House in PPR. Never sold?

1 Prague Haus sold for 850K (749 ex vat) as per reg.

Aha, it’s listed as “Prague Haus”, so that’s why I didn’t find it. … n-15-63939