Praise for Lenny

Can someone explain why I heard on the wireless this morning multiple texts and one presenter heaping praise on the minister for finance ?

Can someone explain what he’s done to deserve this ?

Other than lumbar me with a huge debt I struggled so hard to avoid over the last few years that is :imp:

Probably because FF have input into the radio station you were listening to.

Sometimes the actual words spoken are overshadowed by the performance of the speaker - Lenny is a very good public speaker, he’s very seldom caught out by interviewers or even opposition members.

Sure never mind the 80 Billion debt, he’s well able to talk and answer questions :open_mouth:

When you have a cheque book that size, sure of course you can talk!

Add another zero there, Biffo! :open_mouth:

If seems to be catching, I can’t understand it myself.

Because he has reasonable public speaking skills people seem to like him. He’s still a traitor to this country.

Even here people are quick to praise Lenihan so I don’t think it’s a matter of political spin.

I don’t think he’s awful but by simply being of average intelligence he looks good compared to the rest of the cabinet.

All people who didn’t realise what a shit interview he did last night with Miriam O’Callaghan, who asked the worst questions; too long and full of little things guaranteed to get him off the topic. Mr P - equally livid beside me, kept saying ‘you can see why people believe him, he sounds good.’

Lenny is all fur coat and no knickers, as my granny used to say.

Would you buy a car off him? Go on, for the economy like…

Well I’d certainly buy the mangled wreckage of a car after it’d crashed and burned spectacularly for a few thousand times it’ll ever be worth for scrap.

Because it’s part of a spin fightback to make FF seem halfway competant.

Like you say, MOC asked the wrong questions etc…Lenny came across well though IMO - a stroll in the park for him

The very same people who though property prices would never fall now believe Lenny is the best minister of finance we ever have had. Unfortunately they are the majority.

Yep, it was a poor interview. The whole “the cost of Irish debt hasn’t moved” thing? The markets closed before you gave your speech! That’s why you gave it at 5 o’clock! And, as you say, lots of unnecessary contexting in the questions.

edit: I was wondering, do they get to choose who asks them the questions?

Quite apart from the reasons given above …

  1. The money markets like the NAMA concept as it reduces their otherwise off the scale risk in dealing with, what are to all real intents and purposes, bankrupt Irish based banks.
  2. The money markets like the NAMA concept as it increases the risk premium they can charge to the now “living dead” zombie Irish banks which would otherwise no longer exist.
  3. The money markets like the NAMA concept as it increases the risk premium they can charge to the Irish State for its sovereign debt.
  4. The markets in general as stunned (and I use that word advisedly) that Ireland is doing something to address its problems, whether that something is a good thing or not.
  5. Most of the population don’t know what a tracker mortgage is and so have no idea what the NAMA bail out is, but want one for themselves and their tracker mortgage.
  6. Importantly “4 legs good, 2 legs bad” …

Blue Horseshoe

The fact that Lenihan can speak English (see the Ned O’Keefe podcast below) is a big plus point for him anyway.

Lenihan: Misguided but competent.

More than can be said for the rest of the cabinet.

The end.

Lenihan: Takes instruction from the Banks well.

by simply being of average intelligence he looks good compared to the rest of the cabinet.

Ah yes, a similar phenomenon has occured with the quality of housing in the country too XX

I beg to differ

Lenihan: Misguided with delusions of adequacy*

see quote below

And the prices in Bulgaria…