pre-EMU Irish interest rates

Does anyone know where I can get info on them on the internets? Central Bank site doesn’t seem to go back that far.

Just bumping this one…does anyone know where to get this info?

I want to do some sort of comparison between mortgage costs today and in the 1980’s.

Here you go, from google books; … #PPA535,M1

Oh goody a graph might come of this perhpas :smiley: :question:

Mortgage Rate was discount + 2% or so back then . eg discount of 8% meant mortgage rate of 10% .

Its was more like ecb+ 1.2 for a while there but thats up to ecb + 1.6 now with todays permo announcement .

Thank you very much, jeepers they were even higher than I expected in the 70’s :open_mouth: .

If the gonks have it wrong and we’re heading for staglflation expect high rates again - although not at Irish levels - look for Bundesbank rates from the seventies to see where we might be heading. You’re going to ask for them next, aren’t you?!

the rates peaked in about 1993.

I longed for the days of lower interest rates in the hope that we could actually do something great with the country. D’oh.