Precious metals (Gold, Silver etc) hitting new highs.


Have you expoure to precious metals?

  • Yes, I own physical.
  • Yes, I hold mining shares.
  • Yes, I invest in precious metal EFTs
  • No, PMs are in a bubble.
  • I know very little about PMs.

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So are pinsters exposed!?

Max threeeoptions to choose.


Bought 10 ounces from Kitco back after initial colapse in 08. It went into the $600 dollar range. I was in china at the time and by the time I got money wired and what not- it was back to $749 spot (I think). The Coins cost me $825 each (I know).

Kicking myself I did not go all in. I had confidence to go all in on the gold itself. I was more worried about getting such a physical deliver (by US post! - they said this was the safest method).
Still have it - I also dont like the idea of selling physical when the time comes…but that wont be until it breaks 2000.


Ha, ha, I had to be honest and say I own a little physical but also know little or nothing about PMs. Even worse buy and sell the damn industrial stuff and still know nothing


I think Buzz Lightyear best summed up where gold and silver are going 8DD


I own quite a lot of silver. I think we have some way to go considering how fucked the US, EU and UK economies, and obviously because of all the money printing.

I don’t believe it’s a bubble because average Joe wouldn’t even know how to invest in precious metals.

However I reckon over the next few weeks/months they will start investing in commodities. Until then I will continue to buy as much silver as I can.


The next year or two investors will come round to the thought, 2-3years there’ll be a mania

My 2cents

im very exposed to precious metals via rabo, if it crashes im fucked,

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Don’t know how to read this. Exposed to PM or exposed as participants in a bubble. ?? Explain .

Hold physical BTW.


I know bugger all about PM or any other investments. All my savings are still in the banks.

I really must find someone for advice…


Good point!

I initially meant exposed to the rising prices by being invested, but you make a fine point regarding exposure to potential fraud by the ETFs.

I initially believed Gold was in a bubble, and was considering shorting it, but having done lots of research (including a subscription to The International Forecaster) my views have turned full circle. I have about 50% of my savings in physical silver and a junior mining stock.

Good to see some more like minded people on here. Rarely discussed by mainstream media or the man on the street.


I have physical, little gold and a good few ounces of silver but I got them a good while ago. I think the market is a bit risky at the moment for silver. I always check out these two websites, they are great but I don’t see them mentioned on here.

One other thing I always do is see if any commentator has a vested interest by seeing where they work. It’s a handy tip. Bob Hoye on has been quite accurate with his forecasting for the last year and a half or 2 years in relation to the precious metals market.


Also is it not best to buy bullions bars rather than the coins, as with the coins you pay a premium?


Watch out on hoye, pm’s have being a one way trade…

However he has being a great fade the last 2 yrs with his oct nov crash calls…

He is an insider and has successfully lead retail to the slaugher house with his crash calls on stock mkts… JMHO…


Have a few K in physical Silver, not buying it anymore though it the ask is too high. Have a few quid in Great Panther. Was a bit peaved when they had a secondary few weeks ago but that closes Tuesday so hoping for a bit of a pop over the next few weeks. Hopefully they will announce progress on a third mine. They can pull the stuff out of the ground for $7 an ounce so two good quarters in a row should move it on nicely. Will lighten the load if Silver pushes to $48 which I believe could happen pretty soon if the speculators drive oil to $150.


If you can’t see by now that all derivatives, pension funds, bonds and currencies are totally fraudulent then there’s too much fluoride in your water supply. Invest in Silver, Gold, Farmland, Clothing, Food and Water, Keep a little cash for liquidity, currently I’ve got €8.76 and I’m laughing.


Goldman’s latest missive Commodity Watch: Growing conviction in NearTerm downside, but longer-term upside intact


Where have we seen that exponential profile before? Bueller?


I agree and am part of this bubble but the time line is a little off along with a few other factors. I think we’re still at the media attention phase of mania. Mania has a long long way to go. It’s gonna be like having CISCO shares in the mid 90’s. It’s a shame the middle classes are to be wiped out via currency collapse, the Dollar and Euro are in the process of dying.


Hi Boyracer,

The third phase of a bull market, as shown in your graph is characterised by widespread speculation in the asset by the general public. How many people stopped randomly on the street would own silver, know the current price of silver in any currency to within 20% accuracy or would know how to buy silver?

I am of the opinion that we are somewere around the “takeoff” phase of the silver bull market. Gold is a little further along maybe the “media attention” point.

Your use of the Ben Stein clip is a little ironic in view of his recommendations to buy the financial stocks in 2007 in the famous “Peter Schiff was Right clip”


unless I’m badly mistaken, you can throw the bull mania phase shift paradigm out the window. The public has been bitten with stock market and property crashes. I doubt most have the appetite for further speculation. The rise of PM’s is unlikely to be a straight line, and by the time is goes hyperbolic, I suspect people will have other things to worry about. 43m americans on food stamps, 50m by end of this year is not an outrageous prediction. This leads me to believe the path of all commodities will be extremely choppy, nice parabolic curves unlikely


Well it appears nobody learned their lesson from the .com bubble and charged into another real estate & stock market bubble. All it will take it is for it to run long enough for people to believe it can only keep going up, it is a physical asset like property after all, if the media pump it, which they will eventually, then people will buy it, every idiot that considers themselves a financial advisor will tell people to leverage up and load up on PM’s, it’s not speculation at this point, the public will think it’s guaranteed. People are inherently greedy and the emotion of feeling that you are missing out on a sure thing is very very strong, this will drive them to pm’s. The last bubble was caused by excess liquidity and on the current path the same thing will help cause this one.