Precious metals (Gold, Silver etc) hitting new highs.


If so how much more? :fork_and_knife:


Gold pump -n- dump operation in progress right now, big drops in gold prices, rinse and repeat.
The roller-coaster has crested and taken a dive from 2040 down to 1880 back up to 1940, more fun to come!



Quoth the Raven #215 - Andy Schectman Blows The Lid Off Metals Manipulation, Says $200 Silver Possible by Quoth the Raven #nowplaying

Making the case for silver, I jumped in a few weeks back, it’s been a wild ride.


The markets have answered already. :ninja:


:smile: I think there is still another big down leg to go. Gold was at one of its most overbought times in history a couple of weeks ago (that’s not a good time to buy in my book). I think the dollar will get stronger when people feel very nervous about the global financial system. It could take a while. I don’t like buying anything when everyone else is.
Fortunately my gold mining stocks from 2018 and silver mining stocks from earlier this year have risen stratospherically so I’m not rushing to get more just yet. I’m happy with just keeping a certain percentage of my money in gold/silver in their various forms.
The next time people go off gold and silver, then I’ll get more.
Having said all of the above, we certainly seem to be entering quite chaotic times so I may break some of my rules.


I thought you were fishing for big dips, that was a BIG dip, that’s two major corrections, March was a great last chance motel if yo had spotted it, but who was paying what with the Attack of The Virus on global release. No pleasing some folk.

Stick on yer space suit! They work underwater too :wink:


Buffet once wrote:

Gold is a way of going long on fear, and it has been a pretty good way of going long on fear from time to time. But you really have to hope people become more afraid in a year or two years than they are now. And if they become more afraid you make money, if they become less afraid you lose money, but the gold itself doesn’t produce anything.”


The same way high frequency trading doesn’t?


Gold and Silver did some unusual movements yesterday, mostly on the back of the Fed announcements. The chartists were convinced Silver was ready for a move, but there was no consensus on which direction, so silver moved in both direction almost simultaneously. Likewise Gold gained $30 then dropped $50, creeping back up now and will probably finish the week higher.

With the Fed promising to let inflation average 2% over the long run, and to let it run hot if they undershoot that 2% target, along with another €1Tn (Republicans) or 3€Tn(Democrats) of stimulus money printing, this can only end in PMs going one way.


Let the Implosion of the Fed Res begin!

  1. SPV’s (owned by Treasury) buy corp bonds.
  2. Fed Res buys SPV debt
  3. DPA imposed on many corporations
  4. Does that give Republic USA a % of interest in corporations? If so, will that be ours too?
    Genuine Question.


Gold Telegraph ✪ @GoldTelegraph_ Aug 26

Since March, the Federal Reserve balance sheet has gone from $3 trillion to over $7 trillion today… The Fed is buying everything from corporate debt, short-term municipal bonds, and treasury notes. Fed is expected to keep rates at zero for 5 years+ THE ERA OF GOLD.



Big sell off in Silver this week.
27.05 down to 22.99


Happening now.


GOLD $1,909.98
SILVER $28.16

The PM’s have been on a steady upward march since March 31st, an unrelenting ascendency, looks like a very new pattern, and with some breakout happening too especially in GOLD the last few days.

Strong SIGNAL big things afoot. Really BIG things. The BIGGEST.