Precious metals (Gold, Silver etc) hitting new highs.


I’m thinking of buying more but am disuaded as the stuff i bought 3/4 years ago has gone nowhere


I was reading the start of this thread just now and was being mightily convinced not to purchase any more precious metals until I realised this was all from about 8 years ago :man_facepalming: Surprised I never read this thread before but I’d invested initially a couple of years before that rise in value. I’m keeping mine until the apocalypse. I don’t care about the value until then. Might add a bit more.


Anyone think it looks like a bull run on precious metals, to begin maybe as early as next week or very soon?


*Well… since no one came back or gives a fiddlers, I’ll take this one and add it to the trophy list. :wink:

If I’m not mistaken, Gold hit a 6 year high - To the Moon or just a blip? :whistle:

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Good call OW.

Was this a hunch or how did you deduce?


If there is any global crisis there might be a rush to the dollar as it’s a safe haven. Then gold might go down for a while. That might be a very good time to buy. Silver hasn’t risen too much at the moment though so probably a good time to buy it. I don’t think it’s a bad time to buy either if you have absolutely none but it could be worth holding off on gold if you just want to add more. Open_Window are you going to turn into the Taipeir of Gold?


Someone needs to invent cryptogold.

Uh-oh. They did.


Mmm. I don’t think I could even clink on the link for a laugh. What we really need is smart crypto gold.


On Tues 16th I had intended to post a note of potential significance for gold but - there is a lot going so I got distracted and never posted - I now see the the next day it started to rip up and seems to be on another potential short but sustained ramp up.

Original messages was to be: 24th and/or end of this month. Gold. Something. Something.

:icon_neutral: position advisory: remains at zero skin in game :icon_neutral:


Just like to point out that silver went up 10% since I mentioned it was a good time to buy 3 weeks ago. I still think (hope) they’ll both go down in the short term before a massive rise in the longer term. I’m hoping to add to mine in the very near term as I’ll soon be moving abroad for a while and will not be able to add physical. Look into gold mining penny stocks if you like speculating. There are some that were quite high during the last gold rise in 2011 and then dropped by about 95%. I got some 10 months ago and they are up 90%+ from then. Buy one that have mines/headquarters in stable countries like USA/Canada.

Anyone check out Ray Dalio’s Linkedin post?


UBS To Start Charging Rich Clients With Negative 0.75% Interest Rate


Coming back to this, on review GOLD jumped from the low 1400’s at end of month or more accurately on the 1st day of the new month of August, it began to rise eventually shooting past the $1500 mark by a few $$$'s and thus far idling around the $1500 mark give or take the last few days.