Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future

Here’s a list of top news stories on 31st December 2019:

If you had predicted something significant for that (or any other) date, I’m sure you could pull something from the news headlines. Which is why non-specific predictions are unimpressive even if claims of prescience are made after the fact.

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Prediction is difficult, yes I agree, for many reasons, but it is not always impossible, very hard most of the time, but then sometimes, light as a breeze but crucially, if no on pays attention including those who predict, in a studious manner, then what is the point! We are all doomed! DOOMED!

I’ll leave it at that. :rofl:

You can now view how your (possibly) forum first pre-emptive-counter-topic to a unwritten draft “topic” shapes up, pretty good actually! I am impressed. :wink:

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