Predictions for 2012

Predictions for 2012

  • Ireland defaults and returns to the punt
  • Ireland stays in the euro and keeps going with austerity
  • The euro collpases
  • The US$ collapses
  • Enda taoiseach on 31 Dec 2012 as economy collapses
  • Gerry taoiseach on 31 Dec 2012 as economy collapses
  • US/Israel/Nato attack Lebannon, Syria, Pakistan and Iran
  • US/Israel/Nato attack Russia China
  • Oil goes to US$200 +
  • Money printing goes into overdrive worldwide
  • Gold hits US$5k an ounce
  • Gold hits US$500 an ounce

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Well its that time of year again when u put your feet up and dream about all the misery that lies ahead. Take your pick on the likely disasters coming our way 8DD

My prediction - Mad shit all over the shop, like 2011 times a thousand :laughing: On the upside, reeling in the years is going to be pretty exicting in 10 years time.

Cue the Lady Gaga singles …
Visiting heads of state. Egg throwing scenes at bank AGMs. Euro crisis. Queues at ATMs. The countryside empties out. New South Wales beats Ontario in the All-Ireland semi-finals but loses out to London at the renamed “Croak” Park.

While searching for how to feckin’ well control ma storage heaters it hit upon the idea that the 3rd Secret of Fatima might be easier to unlock and so it is…

Google it, read some of the interpretations. It might surpsie you :smiley: … Ratzinger has an early connection with this .

2012… as an Aquarian I can sense a change in the AIR :wink:

It’s a mad mad sign of the times how many of the listed options could still actually occur in 2011. :frowning:

St Malachy

We are on the second last one, and he is 85

The only thing I couldn’t find in there was storage heaters. :smiley:

I was going to say Jedward win the Eurovision in 2012 and bring a tidal wave of joy to the nation.

2012 - The Great Global Debt Write-Off

Due to the percession of the equinoxes you’re actually a pisces.

Dublin to win the all-ireland…

Seriously though…

We know the known unknowns…

The big known unknown is obviously around the Euro.

So its not much of a prediction to say it collapses, or doesnt collapse…at this stage its down to probabilities. And I would say the probabability is 15% that we do not have a euro in 12 months time.


My other prediction is that Arsenal and Man Utd both finish outside the top 4 in the English Premiership this year and fail to make the CL.

Lest we forget

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  • Gold at 1900, silver at 45
  • Oil to 120
  • Futher civil unrest in Europe and America (“In Europe and America there’s a growing feeling of hysteria” - Sting, circa 1985 :laughing: )
  • Assassination of a significant political or banking figure by far left elements is used as pretext for crackdown on protest movement and curtailment of remaining democratic rights

Summits, more summits and then a summit to decide when to have the next summit

Gold for Katie Taylor

I’m going for the same ole same ole sackcloth and ashes

And maybe all hell breaking loose in the middle east

My predictions 2009 made in 2008

  1. Unemployment will reach 14% 3rd quarter 09. Largest ever increase ever in Jan 09.
  2. Growth will be negative 7% for the year
  3. Deflation in Ireland will be 4-5%
  4. Irish Government will not be able to access credit markets late summer 09, and will default on its debt
  5. IMF, EU and ECB will demand and get wholesale reform of public sector, cuts in its pay, social welfare, and the minimum wage
  6. Lisbon 2 will pass
  7. Trichet will again assert that there is no problem in the general government EU area (refer to Nazi definition of same)
    8) Mass emigration will recommence, and break all records set since 1900
  8. There will be no riots, or civil unrest.
  9. Cowen’s plan will be seen as Lenihans bank recap plan, i.e. a fly on the arse of an elephant.
  10. Property and other asset values will drop another 30% in nominal terms.
  11. 2 of the 6 banks will no longer exist.
  12. House completions will be under 20k
  13. Points on the CAO will rocket for Science & Engineering, collaspe for Business.
  14. The government will stay in power.

My predictions 2010 made in 2009

  1. House prices continue to slide. 70% drop from 06 Peak in 3rd quarter 2010. Thereafter bombed out market stabilises, for 5 plus years.
  2. Deflation continues 4%
  3. Absolute massacre in 1st qtr as those businesses that have held on for Christmas give up the ghost. Car Trade, Hospitality (Bars, Restaurants, & Hotels), Construction and Retail have hundreds of collapses.
  4. Unemployment rockets towards 500k, and as workforce falls, unemployment rate heads to 20%
  5. 70k emigration, half of whom are Irish Born
  6. Government deficit rockets to 25bn, as tax, particularly income tax, falls rapidly.
  7. Further ineffective actions by government are taken to contain deficit.
    8 Irish Bond issues fail in September.
  8. AIB and BOI are nationalised. We finally get our Third banking force as Permo TSB buy what’s left of EBS and Nationwide, in return for a few billion off the government.
  9. FF stays in power.
  10. Nama projected losses rise to 35bn, as the LTEV concept is acknowledged as bogus.
  11. Economic Carnage ends in 4th qtr 2010, as there is little left to lose.
  12. Worldwide stocks markets drop 30% as economic weakness is realised. Serious property crashes in main property markets in Asia. (Hong Kong, Main cities in China, Singapore)
  13. Tories win election in UK, but tiny majority. UK inflation rockets as the effect of printing press feeds through
  14. USA is downgraded by rating agencies, provoking second economic crises.

I can’t find any I made in 2010 for 2011 but I know I forecasted a sovereign debt crises, in autumn 2011. Even if I say so myself, pretty dam good, if the time line is a bit out.

So listen up… my 2012 predictions are coming…….be very afraid.

Still in the Euro.
Still in the EU.
Still with austerity budgets to go.
Croke Park still intact and ‘delivering’.
Emigration rate slightly up.
House prices down.
Rents down a little, but no much.
Imported and PS inflation (education and health and tax).
Irish banks still offerring deposit rates of 4-5x the ECB rate…
1 major French bank nationalised, 2 others part nationalised.
1 major German bank nationalised, a rake of Landesbanken bailed out/force merged.
Greece in default with neither the new drachma nor officially the euro (out of the club, but still using the currency).
Greece paying some public obligations in coupons.
No AAA country remaining in the EU…

in ireland …
large increase in civil disorder
Still with 4-5 austerity budgets to go.
House prices down 15%.
no banker to be jailed in ireland
over 10 TDs from FG LB to leave the government
a new political movement to emerge
FF scum to be above 25% in polls

large increase in civil disorder
0.25 or 0.5% ECB rate
money printing by EU, UK and USA
UK Debt mountain becoming a bigger and bigger problem
a new political movement to emerge
things to get very messy in portugal and greece
No AA country remaining in the EU…
property bubbles to burst or get bigger depending on black swans or government policies


Does this mean Lorraine Keane and Conor Faughnane are out of a job :open_mouth: