Predictions for budget 2009

Anyone want to make a few predictions? here are mine.

1)PRSI ceiling to be removed.
2)Tax bands and rates to stay the same.
3)No bailout for the builders or “Help for First Time buyers”
4)Increased tax on flying abroad. maybe a fiver each way.
5)Social welfare not to go up with inflation , mght stay the same or go up say 1 or 2 percent.
6)Increased tax on drink from off licenses but not from pubs, only if this is feasible .
7)Stamp duty to stay the same.
8 ) Massive cuts in the public sector
9)No increase in tobacco taxes as so many people travel abroad regulary and they will just stock up on their trips abroad.
10)Increased petrol duty.

Removal of PSO grants for internal air routes.
Fags to increase by a euro a packet.
Removal of cider duty exemption.
All income to be taxable - children’s allowance, state pension etc.
50% top tax rate for earnings over 100k. To be brought down by 10k every year for the next 5 years…

Charvet shirts for bankers, builders, ministers and Country Tom
Hairshirts for the proletariat

(Pension holiday on contributions to National Pension Fund
Redirection of investment of National Pension Fund towards Country Tom’s mates)

Increase in service charges, bin charges, water charges, ATM card charges, Credit card taxes. Increase in the student registration levy instead of bringing in fees.

Reduction in spending for all social community and voluntary projects, massive cut backs in the budget for rural gaeltacht and community affairs.

Jobs freeze in the public service (there are already hardly any jobs posted on

Don’t forget that we will also be having the Green/Carbon/Marxist budget immediately afterwards, similar to the situation last year.

Blue Horseshoe.

That’s some prediction.

I can see the following:

  1. Increase top rate of tax to 42%
  2. Increase in employee prsi rates throught ceiling or whatever
  3. Increase inheritance tax to 25% or even 40%
  4. Increase DIRT to 40% or effective marginal rate of 41/42% (effective 01.01.09)
  5. Big increase in cost of packet of fags
  6. Abolition of ‘that grant’ for having a sprog
  7. Childrens allowance to be means tested or as YM says taxed
    8) Restrict tax reliefs to the standard rate (excluding pension contributions)
  8. Leave the tax bands and credits unchanged
  9. Enhancements to the current R&D credit scheme.

Removal of tax free status for stud fees.
Rent relief to go.
Fines for every offence in the country to rise.
Betting tax increase. (5%?)
All SEI grants to be put on indefinite hiatus.

not before Xmas,

the retail sector would collapse without it.

If Pill means the under 6’s Early Childcare Payment of €1100/annum pre sprog then Yes this is a likely cut. This payment never made any sense in the first place. It was a typical ‘we have loadsamoney where do we spend it’ property bubble taxes payment. First off it was originally conceived as a payment to assist working parents but then they went and made it a universal payment, totally undermining the supposed rationale for it. This payment is budgeted to cost €506million this year. It should be the first to go but it would be a brave decision in an election year.

Don’t suppose they could replace it with something that actually does assist working parents - e.g. tax relief on childcare?
I guess it’s too much to hope for… Still no one willing to take on the constitutional crap about a woman’s “right” to stay at home etc? sigh…

it does make a lot of sense if you have 2 working parents forking out 1k per month for childcare :frowning:

… but not that everyone gets it, regardless of whether or not they actually use childcare?

spot on

or regardless of income

just scrap the damn thing and give us tax relief on the creche fees at our marginal rate of tax (although, this being Ireland, the creche owners would probably immediately increase the fees by the amount of the relief :unamused: )

Having made the decision to forego an income to raise children, I’d naturally prefer a tax credit for children with grants or vouchers available for the low-wage.

I guess that’s why you are planning your escape eh SouthKerry? :wink:

Maybe they should follow the old method of not feeding people in prison, so family have to bring in food?

Sounds like a plan for repeat offenders :angry: Or maybe we could put the lowlife to work in chain gangs :nin

Maybe we will get our NDP after all!

introduce a Property Tax? :laughing: :angry:

I would like to see rates charged on derelict properties.

A 100% increase in the number of fingers given to the self-employed.

Last year we got one, this year we will get two fingers.