Premium for large side garden

Spotted two houses on the same road in Goatstown for sale by the same EA (DNG).

First house is a detached with a side garden. It measures 1650 sq feet with 4 bedrooms and needs a complete refurb. Asking price €600k (had been for auction with this AMV but didn’t sell). … -14/354717

Second house is semidetached. Measures 1800 sq feet. Extensively refurbed (looks like a decent job in the pics), 5 beds and converted attic as well as a large workshop to the back. Asking €489k … own/394496

I wouldn’t have thought these days that a side garden would get much of a premium - given the one with the garden needs 50-100k spent to bring it up to the standard of the other one that’s up to a whopping 43% premium!

1 vendor still living in 2006 perhaps, especially after a failed auction.

Another example in Glencairn:

House with side garden for €400k (side garden doesn’t look that big - allows house extension rather than a new build by the looks/wording of the brochure) … -18/391581

Compared to similar property in the same estate for €320k … -18/363297

Not as big a premium (not as big a garden).