President of UL is paid more than German Chancellor

University of Limerick

World Rank: 451-500 world universities
Students: 13,000
Staff: 1300
Budget : €138m
President : Don Barry
Annual Salary: €228,050


World Rank: 5th largest economy in the world
Popluation: 81.7 million
Labour Force: 43.5 million
GDP: €3.35 trillion
Chancellor: Angela Merkel
Annual Salary: €220,000

Because we’re worth it. And Ireland is so rich we can afford to pay three of these UL presidents for two years. In your face Germany. Just keep sending us your cash thanks.

€ 128K would be enough FFS. Ah man why have I bothered. I haven’t posted for months now and vowed that I woudn’t bother as I had decided to just get on with my life… :frowning:

There are lecturers in UL paid more than the president.

This is a tribute to Ireland!

We are basically saying:

The latest annual report says “pay now represents 67% of the total expenditure”, which came in at €139 million euro.

That’s an average of €71,638 for UL’s 1,300 staff. The University is pretty much shut down for four months of the year June-Sept. Good times.

Recession is only for little people that try to get above themselves.

I’m assuming by “little people” you mean the benchmarked leprechauns of Ireland.

This is totally wrong. Their salaries should be halved and the money used to educate thousands more students.

But how do you effect this change? There seems to be no politcal will whatsoever to tackle this. It seems education cuts seem to be going into cutting student services, places etc…

Kinda leaves him in the happenny place.

your crazy …nobody in Ireland wants this “race to the bottom” XD BD 8DD :smiley: :smiley:

Of course, with Cork being of greater global significance than say Germany, you would obviously need to pay that €270k salary to “attract and retain the best talent”.

Why would you waste your extraordinary talents running Germany when you could be doing something meaningful like looking after UCC or UL?

Don’t worry, the savings can be made by reducing the services provided… classroom closures, reductions in students, waiting lists for courses…

I hope the lecturers don’t go on strike!!!

Think of all those Irish Times articles not written and conferences unattended!

Oh, the humanity!

With No. 5 in the world, MIT, having opened up courseware, including syllabus and lecture notes, the gatekeeper role for 3rd class universities will be finished in 5 years.

Unfortunately conferences are usually paid for out of salaries. We’re not councillors attending summer schools you know!

Well, having just looked at what was available in the area I work in, I can rest easy for quite some time!! They certainly didn’t get to 5th place on the strength of them - in fact, teaching has very little to do with it really.
Here, universities are top heavy with admin and management basically, which is a serious drain on resources. Check out the report - pay to academic and non-academic staff is almost equal.

One other thing

Universities don’t shut down for four months - that’s a thing of the past. But some of the ITs do shut down totally for 3 months, and that’s where a lot of the unnecessary duplication of courses, resources, etc. seems to happen. And they weren’t covered in the report, although it is interesting that they receive c500m, and the universities c700m. Which seems an awful lot considering…

Some more characters who earn more or the same as poor Angela:

The CEO of Coillte earns €400,000pa.

The CEO of the Commission for Aviation Regulation (the wha?) over €200,000.

The ESB CEO, over €500,000.

Forfas CEO: €200,000.

CEO of the Health Information and Quality Authority (again, the wha?)…€200,000.

Irish Aviation Authority’s CEO…€350,000

Rail Procurement Agency’s top man - €268,000 … otic-call/

Commercial rates, need the best talent, they’d go elsewhere otherwise blah, blah, blah. Such total fucking bollox the lot of it.

Most of the lecturers I know go scrambling for far flung conferences at financial end-of-year - those budgets, gotta use 'em or lose 'em!

I have yet to meet any lecturer who paid for their air flights (and accommodation) to America, Australia, Germany, France, UK, etc.

I’ve had occasion to drop into UL during the Summer and it’s completely deserted, a ghost town. There is precisely fuck all happening in that place between June and September every year and that is a fact.

The problem is that Irish politicians themselves are getting paid ridiculous amount and any such moves would ultimately focus the light on themselves

You mean theres more to life than the pin?

‘earns’ is the wrong word here.