President visits McManus palace … 55994.html

It’s a bit like Bono meeting the Pope, hard to tell precisely who is granting who an audience.

Fair play to the boy, didn’t the lad do well and sure isn’t he great to be donating all that money to charity, blah blah blah de blah.

I have just one question. What his the source of his fortune? What foreign exchange transactions are we talking about here? What currencies did he buy and what did he sell and when?

I think it’s a legitimate question to ask seeing as our head of state is bestowing her grandeur upon the man, don’t you?

With Lochlann Quinn, Michael O’Leary and Denis O’Brien, for example, one can validate the sources of their wealth with no great difficulty. One can examine Ryanair’s accounts and see what salary Mick has awarded himself. It’s on the public record that O’Brien got the mobile phone licence, etc, and sold such and such a business business at such a such a time so one can see how he built his fortune.

Even George Soros, another investor said to have made a mint from FX dealing, is relatively transparent about what he is betting on to go up and what to go down.

this is nausiating.

‘President McAleese described the Limerick man’s well-known philanthropy as “legendary”’

I wonder what she describes his well known tax exile status?

a house warming party in limerick for a tax exile. its just incredible.

could only find these pics: … roperties/ … colimerick

A little payback for signing NAMA. What a tragic farce. Fuck could this country be any more overrun by corruption the mind is breaking.

epic house all the same

Even ‘legendary’.

I’ll bet even people who earn a paltry €100,000 a year think this guy is rich

By the time you stock a stud farm, throw a party and invite the president, and pay bills on that monstrosity, give a few quid to an interest close to your heart, there isn’t a lot left over to give the tax man. 8DD

I agree Mary, he’s the greatest.

Sick making.

Can I be a philantropist too if, rather than paying my estimated 20K of income tax a year, I avoid paying it and instead ostentatiously contribute half of that to charity?


McMansion on steroids, wonder what the BER is?

Bet the proles won’t get a look in. Arrrr philanth my arse. Come and live here if you think you’re hard enough.

He started out bunking off school to attend point to points around the arse end of Limerick. He had nothing handed to him so fair play to the man on that score.

What he was doing, as has been alleged, wandering the corridors of Leinster House the night of the banking guarantee is of course another story altogether …

Bertie is rightly ridiculed for his “I won it on the nags” yarn but every gobshite in Ireland swallows Mc Manus’s yarn about having won billions punting currencies.

As likely to be true as Bertie.
A very intriguing individual involved with a lot of dodgy geezers.

Wow there are some bitter people on the Pin.

So what if is he is a tax exile? That’s a natural function of having 54% tax rates. Billionaires and their money are highly mobile and that’s just a fact of life. If anyone has an opportunity to legally pay less tax then why wouldn’t they take it?

He coughs up more than enough in consumption taxes anyway. Think how much of the €100m construction cost went in to govt coffers through VAT, stamp duty, payroll taxes and all the rest.

Nothing at all wrong with being a tax exile, but at least have the decency to stay in exile. At least have the decency to be seen as someone who decides want to contribute to the state’s health service , education costs, pension bill etc. There’s something very wrong about being a tax exile and building a main residence within the state and have the president driving down (hope there was no jets involved) on tax payer expense to celebrate it.

There are many ‘exile-able’ rich people who make the decision to be tax resident here and pay their taxes.

I’m sure I would have remembered, but I cant recall the president calling round to my house a few weeks back and telling the great and the good I was a legend for paying my preliminary tax.

I was initially going to dignify this with a detailed response, but then I thought if after all that has happened in the last 15 years, if people still admire Fianna Failish cute hooers who love to pull a fast one over the rest of us, and have absolutely notion of civil responsibility, there’s no point trying to get through their thick skulls.


If he is part of the kleptocracy then that would be different but I don’t see any evidence that his wealth was handed to him

If civic responsibility means having more than half of what you make confiscated by the government to keep a lot of pen-pushing civil servants employed doing nothing, then I’m civically irresponsible.

Look, I don’t know the man (and neither do you I assume) but what evidence is there that he got where he is by pulling a fast one over the rest of us? I have no love for the gombeen man either, but I’m not sure he falls in to that category. You can’t automatically assume every succesful person got there through gombeenism.

In Leinster House on the night of the guarantee…

Sub-ordinate debt and Anglo included in the guarantee…

Anyone have any more strange coincidences?

Oh, you can add the kaiser to the list of strangeness…

He’s pulling a fast one over of us by not paying any fucking tax.

Or are you saying that when he comes into the country, he miraculously manages to avoid using any of the services or infrastructure that the rest of us fund for him through our taxes? For example, rather than using roads, perhaps he’s using a flying car?

If he disagrees with the laws of this country, including those related to tax, he should feel to either campaign against them like any citizen, or to emigrate.