Presidental Platitudes; Christmas Message 2010

As reported by The Irish Times, 19th December 2010



I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be disrespectful to the office or current holder, but there is something of a hearkening back to the day’s of Dev in this. IMHO, under the current, long standing and on going circumstances, regardless of protocol, the Head of State should be, at the very least, calling for their government to sort out the mess and make sure it doesn’t happen again, not drifting off into some teary eyed, black and white review of “the way we were” and sure isn’t it great that we’re not killing each other up in the wee North (which of course it is, but, it’s hardly the point).

There is nothing in the Constitution that says the President is required to be the head cheerleader for the government or its policies.

Blue Horseshoe

How much does that bint get paid for doing sweet f a apart from a poxy patronising Christmas message?

To be fair, now, she’s also ensuring the employment of two teams of garda drivers and at least one air corps plane and helicopter crew. Not to mention confusing visitors as to which is the monkey house in the Phoenix…

patronising cunt

Traitor on the Job.

In years to come, we will find out through FOI what was actually said to her by the Council of State as regards the constitutionality of NAMA. I suspect it will be “Ah sure Mary it’s grand.”

She is essentially from the FF gene pool…nothing surprising here.

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What are the legal implications for getting rid of the post ?
IMHO, the functions of both senate and president are surplus to requirements in a small republic such as ours.

I’ve penned my own Christmas message to:

Áras an Uachtaráin,
Phoenix Park,
Dublin 8.

Thanks for nothing, Mary.

What does bint mean? I must be out of touch with the young ones lingo :confused:

Tis a British word for bird

can we fire that eejit, unify with iceland and make their president ours, hed be worth his weight in gold :smiley:

This country needs leadership voted in by the people.
The madness here gets worse week by week.
There is a path out of this mess, but does anybody really believe it’s ever going to happen with the squabbling cronyist backhanding insideous cesspool of leadershipo this country is being broken under now?
Its time for a change.

Careful now…

Love it or leave it…
real man and real leadership… … re=related
watch all the segmments … reland-af/

I got an acknowledgement today of my Christmas message to el Pres (no platitudes included)

Another gold embossed letterhead to add to my collection and that’s about it. :frowning: