Presidential Election 2018 Poll


I actually agree with him on the designated ethnic stance, I don’t buy it, but I absolutely don’t buy that that’s a justifiable argument for presidency. I’d class it a disqualifier.

If he truly believes travellers are no different to us then it should never been an issue. I’d have been far more impressed if any candidate sighted the law as applicable to everyone but asking why Sean Fitzpatrick and Michael Lowry got kid glove treatment.


wasnt he prosecuted for the crimes he was alleged to have committed, what exactly did you want?


Why? That would not be controversial at all. Do you think someone who said that would have faced the sort of storm Casey has?

It is indeed a thin issue to hang a presidential campaign on, but then so few people in Ireland are willing to confront PC culture/identity politics. It’s understandable and reasonable to support some who does, and overlook their other flaws.


The same judge that jailed someone for importing garlic (can’t recall the exact details) lauded Lowry for employing people. So you can defraud the taxpayer hundreds of thousands but not face any jail time if you’ve employed people!

That’s BS, and actually far more corrosive for the whole society than the problems of integrating an Irish community whose traditional means of living disappeared. I can even remember the last of the tinkers.

It’s one thing to attack a PC culture but heading to Thurles was attacking the symptom and not the alledged issue of political correctness. It’s basic human hatred wrapped as a political concern, just as racist used Brexit.

Casey has got a mean streak that’s as likely to turn on anyone.


i asked about fitzpatrick now lowry, what did you want to happen?


Didn’t he publicly admit to misleading auditors with loans from Fingleton?

This was a huge white collar deception with massive implications for everyone.


i think this is what you are referring to: … 46310.html

as to the massive implications for everyone i disagree with that assertion.

id be more concerned with the ODCE’s behaviour in that case than Fitzpatricks.


On Casey’s comments Leo Varadkar said he “hopes when the people of Ireland come to vote next Friday they will give Mr Casey and anyone who holds those views a very clear message.”

If Casey does secure second place, will Leo et al pause to consider whether in fact the voters were sending a rather different message?

Sadly I suspect not. The talking heads will be more likely to blame nefarious Russian interference!


the meltdown will be epic if Casey wins.

There was nothing in the budget for anyone who works for a living, despite what prince Leo was cheerleading.
Casey is spot on in his assertion.


I think it will be quite a stretch for him to turn around Higgins’s lead of 60-70% in a week from a starting point of 1%

But I do think he will come a strong second.

The only risk for Higgins is that disaffected white male tend to vote and he might be at risk of voter apathy which could swing it for Casey. But I honest think that’s very unlikely.

There are a lot of working tax payers out there that dont like what the Gov is doing with their tax, transferring it to a lot of ungrateful wasters.


interesting: … sults.html


Odds considerably shotening on Casey to win now 16:1 with PP vs Higgins 1:50

I’d say at this stage he’s a sure 2nd


Worth a bet ?


I don’t particularly like Casey.

He won’t win and even if he did he won’t be in a position to do anything with regards those areas he’s shone a light on.

He’s got opinions that I don’t entirely agree with. But, he has opinions. He has my vote.


It’s why the NPC meme is so successful.
I heard Freeman on the radio twaddle on about how travellers problems were all down to society’s discrimination of them.
Just sounded so clichéd.


NPC memes are pretty funny … -the-left/


Typically normal criteria would disqualify candidates if they lacked a pulse… but seriously.

A picture really does paint a thousand words.

I know virtually nothing about the man but if I was asked to choose a head of state from that photo alone, well, Casey is head and shoulders not just literally above the rest but in every other way. So much that he looks to have a bit of life in him! Standing proud. He’s his own man.

I wonder can anyone else spot another strong and distinguishing body language tell in that photo? :nin

Afaik, the photo is from the first TV debate.


Paddy Power have Casey 10/1 Higgins 1/25 now…


Mickey D’s lead is still unassailable at this point.

The bookies are rarely wrong and they still agree even with the 1:25 for MD


Agreed, Miggeldy will win. The interesting result will be what % 1st prefs Casey gets. As the bookies shorten the odds it suggests his % is climbing.

Ordinarily I would agree that second place means nothing but in this case if the guy in second place went from no hoper polling 1% to maybe 20% + in a week after the Taoiseach has asked the electorate to make a statement by not voting for him, I hope it will at the very least prompt a rational discussion.