Presidential Election 2018 Poll


It’s looking good for Casey! :laughing:


And so it begins. The alt-right are interfering to manipulate support for Casey, they “appear to have skewed the results of online polls, to place him as the leader or second favourite, despite the most recent opinion poll placing him on 2%”


I thought that it was illegal to comment on the election in such a way as to influence voters on polling day?


I think you’re right. The Irish news sources seem to be just talking about voter turnout etc…

Being a UK publication they may have jumped the gun on this. The UK has very different rules, or actually no rules really as in the last election in the UK there were flyers for the parties in my actual voting booth!

I wonder if Casey could challenge for a rerun of the poll because of this?


I think it may only apply to broadcast media - i.e tv and radio.


It appears to me to be saying "if you don’t want Casey in you better get out and vote as he may win it (but we won’t admit that, instead we’ll say the opinion polls are being rigged!).


And it only applies to Irish based media.


I’m not convinced, the UK media, including even the Daily Mail now have been pumping the whole social media interference thing over here in blighty as Brexit starts to splutter out. They’re lining up a scapegoat for their own anti-EU arrogance that goes way back before social media and they’ll latch on any vote, including ours, to get out of the hole they dug themselves.


Early feedback suggest our new president is Blasphemy! :smiley:


How nice of the media to think that Casey voters are larping for the alt-right. A poll commissioned by a newspaper isnt democracy, and that poll was taken just after the first debate.


Higgins in comfortably enough on 58% according to exit poll. 21% for Casey

You can blaspheme all you like.


This is intriguing because the exit poll is also giving 53% for Casey as of now with votes over over 1100 and counting.

My only thought is Casey voters trolled the exit pollers big time.

I can dream. :smiley:


That would be epic! if half his voters said they voted for someone else :open_mouth: