Presidential Election Friday 26 Oct 18


Good article in Irish Times: Nine questions would-be Presidents should answer

As it explains, a lot of the people proposing themselves to County Councils either misunderstand the office and its (lack of) powers or they intend to ignore the Constitution. They are also make pledges about campaigns of various kinds that they’d run while in office (reach out to the diaspora, raise suicide awareness etc.) for which they have no sources of funds.

In fairness, it’s quite a hard office to campaign for: you can’t really promise to do that much but there’s not much you can do. But the current wannabes are helping to distort the public perception of the office and its powers but bringing up migration and social justice issues.


Some speculation on Sean O’Rourke show this morning about a possible general election, after the budget, which could be held on 26th October. Polls suggest no particular change in the seat numbers, maybe Leo gets some sort of bounce if his fan club switches over.


I can’t see a GE by late October.

Budget 2019 is on 9 October 2018. The Finance Bill wouldn’t be passed for another few weeks.

Would they even have time to dissolve the Dail and call an election?

Also, we’d be luck to have a government by Christmas given how long the last govt formation talks took. Who would go to the crunch November EU summit where Brexit will (probably, finally) crystalise?

Sorry, just don’t see how that would work. Suits most parties to keep current arrangement until next year.


We must speak truth to power and stop promoting failed systems. Such as not making guilty people innocent. There must be accountability and transparency in our social legal and justice systems. We have all seen the fallout of the banking systems, the vulture buyouts,the lack of anyone taking responsibility for anything. Is Gemma O’Doherty correct in her dealings of complete media collusion in the yes yes scenarios, and a complete loss of logical thinking for enlightened people about issues of importance for social wellbeing and law and order. Could a president do more in the line of guidance and the well being of a nation.


What role does the President have in addressing this issues (the guilty being acquitted; banking collapses and vulture funds)?

How could the President guide the courts, for example?


Duffy secures four nominations to enter Áras race … -election/


can someone tell me why a lad who put himself on dragons den and presented himself as a successful business man needed to mortgage his house to pay for an aras run?


Perhaps the same thing that makes him think he’s a successful businessman makes him think he’s going to get elected.


Liadh Ní Riada is the Sinn Fein candidate. She has been an MEP since 2014, has never run for Dail Eireann. Despite what the shinnerbots are saying, I can’t see her challenging - she’ll do well to get 20%. Maybe she is a fantastic speaker, but I just can’t see it.


I doubt the Shinners expect her to win. It’s more about increasing her profile and that of SF ahead of the next general election


So if these guys get their way the Presidency becomes like the Seanad with stronger Poetry/Cultural links (or without the latter if Sean Gallagher gets in)?


Liadh ni Carpetbagger who joined SF in 2012 ? Give me a break.

The whole process needs to be relentlessly made fun of. Someone should propose that because of the obesity crisis all the candidates should show their commitment to tackling this by collectively doing the assault course on Ireland’s Fittest Family.




I concur. :smiley:


In fairness, Liadh Ní Riada came 2nd in South in 2014 Euro elections with 19.1% of vote
She won’t win, but will do well


I’m out (says Sharkey)

Kevin Sharkey withdraws from ‘farcical’ presidential process … -1.3631691


If the Farce is too much for Kevin we need a new farce-o-meter!


Proper response. Bonus points for annoying Mannix Flynn … 16090.html


She might not have blood on her hands, but she doesn’t judge those that do. … p-20381283


Well, she’s achieving something anyway if she helps you feel superior (while you no doubt did or said nothing about malevolent perfidious and murderous British misrule in Ireland. And probably agreed with the Irish State co-operating with the misrule)