Presidential Election Friday 26 Oct 18


It is a little known presidential power in Ireland, the ability to order an investigation into the internal affairs of the Boyos in Blue.

Oh wait, no it isn’t…


Irish awntrupinners - yuck.
An anti-vaxxer who got with the program to get on - hmmm ( … ordinarily) the carpetbagger tag gets stickier, though perhaps it shows a willingness to change views?
Joan Freeman looks interesting? Hmmm, not sure I want “a good Catholic President” ( not her words).
And then Micky D.

Wow, spoilt for choice, aren’t we?


Well my abiding memory of the Troubles is that her organization, the IRA, murdered far more Catholics than the Loyalist death squads and security forces combined. Far far more. That includes the several dozen the IRA tortured to death. It wasnt just Jean MacConville they tortured and murdered. Plenty more like her. Plus the few hundred they tortured for various amounts of time. Sometimes up to several days. Kneecapping does not work the way you think it does. Nor did the “punishment” beatings.

In all opinion polls support for the SF/IRA directly correlates with age. Those too young to remember all the vile and barbarous things SF/IRA did, mostly to their own community. tend to disproportionately vote SF. Those of us old enough to remember what the IRA did, and still see the same kind of people on the SF party committees, still consider them murderous scum who hide behind a bunch of media friendly useful idiots. Like Mary Lou.

And for those complaining about the quality of the candidates I have only one reply - Carroll O’Daly. Or rather to use his pretentious gaeiligoire name - Cearbhall Ó Dálaigh. A level of presidential complete non entityness that will never be equaled. Although if Brian Lenihan (the Da’) had kept his mouth shut he probably would have given O’Daly a good run for the title of worst president ever.

Much better to make the office one of the bonus prizes on the National Lottery scratch cards. A completely random candidate is far more likely to get a better quality incumbent who is not a regular embarrassment one way or another. Hell, why not do it properly and make it an Irelands Got Talent style TV competition. Its not that the position actually means anything. Or is important. In the bigger scheme of things. Like winning the Eurovision for example.


I was surprised when I heard Michael D speaking about the effects of gambling advertising a few weeks ago on RTE (radio). I admire him for speaking out about a subject that needs far more attention and action from the legislature. … 65065.html

“But you can’t do everything through education. For too long in Ireland we often ignore problems that are staring us in the face,” added Higgins.


Well my abiding memory of your views on Ireland’s relationship with the U.K. is that they are literally indistinguishable from Albert Venn Dicey’s 19th century tract filled with mad notions and racial and cultural supremacy. Which fits in with your broader world view - including as it does affection and regard for idyllic pre-Apartheid South Africa.

Yes without a broadcasting ban and mass dual state propaganda these things will happen

No. Letting a random twit become your next Head of State can still be regularly embarrassing. I’d still prefer our methods


To tell the truth I’m still sad at this one. He would have gotten my vote.

A good heart these days is hard to find :-GC


Also on 26th, a vote on to remove Blasphemy from the Bunreacht

#48 … 52702.html


Errr, so on top of a generous salary, the President gets an €868 per diem ? No questions asked.



On top of an obscene salary! Been there since 1998 so FF brought it in for Holy Mary- that’s a nice war chest for the son in his campaign for the next GE.

This country is sick to the core


Needs to be changed before the next President is appointed.
The Constitution refers:
11.1° The President shall have an official residence in or near the City of Dublin.
11.2° The President shall receive such emoluments and allowances as may be determined by law.
11.3° The emoluments and allowances of the President shall not be diminished during his term


Bertie assumed he was headed for the park, so any increase in salary or perks was more about his future than Mary’s




A very relevant point which no one in the media has mentioned, despite all the talk from the PAC about accountability.

One candidate has made a major real estate sacrifice already. … 19360.html

One long winter in Donegal and he’ll discover why our forebears were not so keen on “sea views” and that McMansion in balmy Atlanta will be calling to him. Unless of course he can camp out in the finest residence in Dublin for the next seven years. :laughing:


Presidential Debate on TV3/VirginMediaOne 2200-2330 tonight
Chaired by Pat Kenny


It’ll be a livelier debate after Casey’s comments on travellers this morning!


If he holds firm on his views and doesn’t fold under the deluge of PC outrage you can be sure he won’t finish bottom of the pile on polling day.


He’s just said he stands over the remarks and will not withdraw them. A decent strategy in an election with the incumbent polling 60%+.


Casey should finish in clear 2nd place now.


Fine Gael TD and Minister for Justice, Charlie Flanagan, handing out leaflets today urging a #1 for Michael D Higgins :open_mouth:
This is mad stuff … 6-Oct2018/