Presidential Election Friday 26 Oct 18


‘Politician backs winner after seeing poll and debate’


‘Politician actively supports candidate from different party’


People are sick to death of the stranglehold PC culture has put them under.
Need I remind people that Ireland voted 80% for the citizenship referendum at a time when the media was pumping up multiculturalism.
It becomes more and more obvious with each passing day that the media represent a small and shrinking minority.
They do not echo the thoughts or concerns of the majority. Indeed, they criticise it into silence.

It has directly caused the election of Trump, Brexit & the rise of the far right in Europe.
And still they won’t stop.


“Incumbent minister supports maintaining the political status quo.” :wink:


Travellers have the highest suicide and incarceration rate as a group in Ireland. Does he feel that they get too much attention?

After the travellers will he go after the freeloading homeless? Polish people for being too integrated perhaps?

Being anti-PC just sounds like a vaguely disgruntled with life crumpy auld fecker brigade.

I’m far interested in why Sean Fitzpatrick isn’t in jail with the travellers?


Charlie Flanagan was basically canvassing for Yes in the Blasphemy Referendum… MDH just happens to be on the obverse of the flyer…


Is free speech the reasoning behind getting rid of the blasphemy law? So with all the outrage over Casey’s comments, who gets to decide what is offensive and what isn’t?


The baying mob or twitter seems to pretty much dictate what is offensive and what is not these days.


Matt Cooper, Una Mullally, Fintan O’Toole, Terry Prone, Johnathan Heatly, Eoghan McDermott etc etc The MSM media and their professional buddies in Marketing and PR


+1 it’s interesting to bait so called progressives with ‘you caused Trump. You pushed too hard. You should be apologising to me’ … 51440.html

I have to say Martin Collins has a tough gig. I wonder does his job spec say:
Must excel at self righteous indignation and deflection.

I mean he’s right sort of. Not all gatherings of Travellers require a hundred Gardai. Which I think we all should welcome ! The comments do generalise.

I expect that If this row drags on and is actually harming the SJW victimisation support movement that supports Travellers Saint Mary Robinson will weigh in.


Just heard Casey thinking about pulling out. Targeting a minority group with nothing to envy was always a petty move.


Current Ladbrokes odds as of 19/10


On the point of that not so long ago referendum, some believe there is an agenda being rolled out to have it reversed via the media as usual.

Vid here -

Maybe this needs it’s own thread.


As opposed to the silent majority who must remain silenced for the good of the elite people.


That the silent majority that we kept getting told were going to vote no in the eight amendment referendum?


Peter Casey is going to get charged for what he said about travellers??? Missed this.


In the “court of PC opinion” he has already been convicted and found guilty.


No, the other silent majority who voted out the gay marriage amendments.

Get your silent majorities right!


If the “poll” is anything to go by, Peter Casey will walk it … 2057921213

As opposed to the “official poll” … tial-poll/


Do note that the Boards Poll is coming from the “Social and Fun” part of the “After Hours” section of Boards, so it’s really an ‘out of town’ (my own view) poll where anything goes!

Still, I do think that what Peter Casey said was real, but not very political.
I think that one term is enough for anyone, in fact Michael D. said so himself :angry: .