Presidential Election Friday 26 Oct 18


He doesn’t have a chance of winning. Higgins has too big a core vote to overcome, but if Casey comes second be prepared for a lot of Trump like “I tells it as it is” politics in the next election cycle.


And so the Irish ‘Right’ begins.


This is bullshit. We’ve been telling it like it is with travellers for years. You’ve all forgotten Padraig Nally?

This isn’t alt right. It’s grumpy auld feckers wishing they were edgy but instead turning on a subsect of Irish people that have a suicide rate multiple times the national average.

Podge and Rodge at best.

Seriously, 7 year term focusing on non settled versions of ouselves? Oh soooo edgy.

Well it feels one of those old Paddy jokes writing itself now. To be in on being Alt-right Paddy Brit says “Poles are to blame and we’ll kick them out”, followed shortly by Paddy Yank who elects Trump to say “All the Mexicans can F off” and what does Paddy Irishman do to be Alt right?

Turns on himself.



Last night’s debate was really a case of “Damsels and Dragons”.


I disagree.
For the past few months, the ‘homeless Margaret Cash and seven kids’ story has been championed by the mainstream media including Miriam O’Callaghan. Apparently she’s been constantly begging for help.
But on social media she was noted to be claiming ~€52k net from the State, whist having 37 convictions and recently robbing Penneys for €321 worth of kit. And she’s only 28!
All this money is coming from taxpayers


I don’t know if an Alt-Right is even possible in Ireland. People moan about scroungers but also want perfect public services for themselves.

My hunch is that the thing with Travellers is that their incarceration and drug use and violent crime rate has sky rocketed since the early 80s. A subset of them are bad to the bone. In the 80s they were more downtrodden they’d always be looking to pull a stroke, that’s just a cultural thing, but they were warier of the “settled community” i.e. “Normal people” and the forces of the state. Now they’re less wary, they’ve figured out the system and their entitlements - including those that are bad to the bone. The Traveller advocate groups are determined to advocate for all Travellers - including those bad to the bone on the rationale that crime is a consequence of poverty.

The references to the high suicide rate are facile IMO. Anyone with two eyes can see they’re deprived on lots of criteria. But they’re not financially deprived. And blaming normal people for the suicide rate of people who choose a lifestyle that damages them is like blaming me for the death rate of motorcyclists - I’m sure there’s more I could be doing but they’re the ones who choose to get on their bike


The children don’t choose. In your analogy they’re the ones riding pillion.

But what to do about that? It’s hard. This country doesn’t have a great record on child welfare.


Casey jumps to second/third position in the bookies 24/10/18


Kevin on Kevin - Kevin Sharkey rhymes with Kevin Snarky but he sure knows how to throw a virgin among the dragons.

Did anybody else catch the tweet about the other Kevin since it appears to be removed?

In other news: Some like it Hot


So Casey is refreshingly honest?

As I said elsewhere, sincerity is overrated. The axe murderer chasing you down the street is sincere in their intent.

Overall this whole exercise may be fruitful if it burns off the Dragon’s Den narcissism.


Maybe he meant Europe? :slight_smile:


If I’m reading that right Higgins position actually strengthened as the odds for second place actually lengthened.

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Unrelated but…
In Fergus Finlay’s book he blamed Emmet Stagg for spreading rumours about some Labour fella during one of their internecine battles. Rumours of the Phoenix Park variety…


Fun to hear the political establishment trying to give explanations on national radio on why an unknown got ~20% of the votes, despite polling stating 2%.
Plenty to look forward to at the next local/national elections


Still a lot of head in the sand stuff from the establishment saying his comments around travellers totally accounted for his 20% share of the vote. Anyone in my office that was going vote for him said they were doing so because of his comments about welfare culture and no one standing up for middle Ireland.


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If he is genuine about entering politics (I’m highly dubious he’s that committed) I reckon he’d be a good match for FF. They’ve been lacking any bite.

Only problem is though Casey will need the Traveller support as he doesn’t seem to have anything else to spark off. His anti-EU stance won’t go done well in the agri heartlands which are booming off increased trade with the continent. They’re licking their lips at picking up all that disrupted UK agri trade.


I’d echo this. It wasn’t a vote for Casey but a vote against the welfare state/entitlement culture


The “squeezed middle” thing is bullshit in my opinion. There are fewer squeezed people than there were (say) eight years ago, the welfare system is the same, so why the uptick in anti-welfare sentiment?

So I reckon that anti-welfare sentiment is a normal part of the economic cycle.

There are two explanations for this.

  1. In a widespread recession, the middle class get a fright and realise how close to the edge they are, so they feel closer to people on welfare, weakening the ingroup/outgroup psychology.
  2. When there is “full employment”, it’s easier to reason that anyone on unemployment benefits is a scrounger.

Take your pick.