Presidential Election Friday 26 Oct 18


This 2010 article was probably the beginning of the end of Morgan Kelly’s guru status:

But it is interesting to rembember his (incorrect) prediction:

To add to the traveller comments Casey made recently see an article from 2017:


The thing as has been pointed out numerous times to the Brexiters being in the EU hasn’t stopped other members exporting more to non-EU members per head of population.

I wonder if anyone will follow up Casey on his support for Brexit, seeing as it’s going sooooo well.


Economics isn’t really Casey’s area of expertise.

Away from thinking about a parallel universe where Ireland would be outside the Euro, getting there from here would require the redenomination of 200bn of debt, and that’s just the government stuff. It would be an insane move except in the midst of a default.


Out of the loop the past few days, mixing with fellow ‘deplorables’ down the country who either didn’t vote at all or went with Casey. Catching up on the reaction today has been rather enjoyable.

I really liked this line from Ireland’s greatest columnist … -1.3678677

I can’t remember the name of the contributor on Radio 1 on Saturday who said that although the exit poll didn’t capture socio-economic details of those questioned, she had no doubt that the 21% at that stage who had said they voted for Casey were most likely to be males over the age of 50 with low educational qualifications from rural areas.

Quality stuff


The tone of Colette Fitzpatrick when she said that “rural, old men voted for Casey” on their Saturday evening 5.30 news, is something I will never forget.


Colette Fizpatrick interviewing Gavin Reilly 17:30 on 27/10
Colette: Who exactly voted for him, Gavin? Was it rural older men?
Gavin: Across the board, but certainly rural older men had a lot of a part to play in it. Certainly, men were his predominate voters based on the exit poll demographic breakdowns that we have seen. But he was also getting support from people who are usually voters of individual political parties…


Does anyone have a like to the demographics?
I cant see it anywhere
I thought the % by age group was consistent for the over 25’s. Maybe that is old these days…
Also i am not sure if Limerick and cork city counts as rural?


There was an IT exit poll … -1.3677337
and an RTÉ one … report.pdf

#169 … report.pdf

If I am reading that correctly 27.2% of Casey voters gave Michael D their second preference.

That suggests that a large number of “angry, bar-stool ranters and “golf club bores” actually also “favour intellect and political pleasantries”.

Who’d have thought it?


It’s interesting that the Pin poll had Casey at 53%, MDH at 31% whereas in the exit poll for ABC1s it was 63% MDH to 19% Casey.

And yet I’d have thought that keyboard warriors were almost exclusively ABC1.

Which suggests to me that current Pin voters have exceptional political views for their social/demographic class.


Every demographic has it’s own crackpot fringe :laughing:


Some of yis are forgetting the bloody nose nature of a quarter of the Irish electorate in all circumstances. Their second preference is often more revealing. We should probably have a second preference for refferenda along the lines of “if asked again at a later date, would you say yes instead?” and save ourselves the cost of multiple EU refferenda.


Well, women psychologically typically score higher on agreeableness they’re not likely to be drawn to Casey’s combative message

Isn’t a rural older man precisely the part of the settled population that has had the most interactions with travellers. Ballygoforwards urban youngsters have usually had zero interactions with travellers.

Newsflash !!! The Irish demographic who’ve interacted the most with travellers, don’t like travellers ! What could this mean ! We really can’t say. How backward !


Collette’s father was a Garda in County Tipperary.

I wonder which way he voted.

As noted above all this is straight out of the playbook from elsewhere, or indeed from Ireland over the past 40 years. If all else fails seek to associate a person or an argument that is deemed ‘problematic’ (I love that one) with a demographic that is perceived as being uncool. In this case its elderly males in rural Ireland. Elsewhere it would have been variously, white males, 'Gammons ’ , Bernie Bros, deplorables etc etc. We had it on this site during the abortion referendum when a poster with a heightened Ballygoforwards demeanour suggested that only the uneducated or unintelligent could conceive of harboring an opposing position with regard to the proposal while discounting other posters presentation to her of articles containing up to date scientific research as it pertained to a related side issue. It’s the intellectual equivalent of a genuine pub bore blaming the Chinese for the lack of ducks in the canal.

Essentially, what is being stated in the above Doolally article is that a professional lesbian from south county Dublin is possessed of a wisdom and a love of (and capacity for) reasoned thought and debate that anyone with a penis (editor’s insert - potentially ‘problematic’ but go ahead), born pre 1970 and who lives beyond the Pale, is not. In acknowledging this it should not necessarily cause us (editors note - excellent use of the royal ‘we’ to include and reward readership through shared group association) to judge them too harshly. Their beliefs are simply a function of their environment and dare I say it, culture (editors note - potential follow up article re allocation of ethnic status to people from Donegal?? Have a think please). If only they could get their act together and be more like us (well done again) ie more tolerant, more diverse, more inclusive…then we might actually accept them and afford their views a degree of validity. Fuck it, we might even go on holidays there.


Demographic that is deemed uncool subject to commentary/generalisation from demographic that is deemed uncool. So uncool.


Peter Casey was just on Newstalk.
Talked some sense, clearly wants to go into political office, highlighted most of his votes emerged from rural Ireland


And not impressed with the carry-on in Strokestown. If you enter a contract and put your house up as collateral, when you default then you lose your house


On the point of Newstalk & Casey. Has Casey been signed up to a show on Newstalk recently? I thought I read something to that affect.


@Open Window
According to, he’s working with them on something to be released in the new year.