Price by footage

Hi Everyone,

Is there a standard price per foot for an average 3 bed semi?

Curious to start comparing it to prices being asked


You could start by reading this thread:


Yes, I noticed that after the fact, but was getting atad confused on high end price, and low end. I guess I’ll pick middle of the road somewhere

Thanks though

Hi Ascottdub,
There is no standard price for anything really, that’s part of the problem. I have been working, along with a few others, on the price per square foot for individual properties posted in the price drop area. If you have a look at those, you’ll start to get an idea. At the moment anything less than €500 per sq ft is good in comparison, for a fairly average place anything more than €400 per sq ft is absolute rip off. There are a few places out there for around €300 per sq ft. But, I do believe that an average 3 bed semi should end up below €100 per sq ft. It is the only sustainable and fair way.
Warm regards,
PS If you are up for it maybe you could focus on the 3 bed semi in the price drops and calculate the price per sq ft. You’re own little study. Just go to the ad and copy and paste the floor area from the ad if it is noted, as some aren’t. Then obviously divide the latest price by the floor area. It is very fast. Anyway, just a thought, as it would help you get the answer to your question and the more people working on it the better.

Jellybean, what a cool poster name.

Very helpful answers

Thanks for the input and I may just start my own little study. I just can’t understand why some people are still in the clouds. It’s bloody annoying when I’m a ready to go buyer.


I hear that Ascottdub! We’re ready to go too and time’s not on our side (getting old! lol). With the downpayment we have we should be able to afford a really nice place, but we find myself looking at teeny houses.
I really don’t want to settle! I want a house I can stay in until I retire!
Add to that my impatient nature and this whole waiting around is really getting on my nerves! :slight_smile:

Like this guy said. Use that thread please guys.