Price drops?

Struggling to see any price drops in this section in recent weeks months; bar the odd ghost estate property in Laois or €2mn+ property in SCD…

I’d suggest we change the title of the section to ‘Sale Agreeds’ or General WIW discussion…as thats what it actually is…

I usually just get price drops from now as it’s easier to search than these forums. In SCD, the most drops that I’ve seen in recent weeks have been in the Blackrock area, but they were fairly uninteresting properties that were over priced to begin with, so not really worth commenting on here.

The market is in recovery mode currently. A slow steady recovery that will take years to return to normal but its heading in the right direction.

You crack me up.

Here, fixed it for you:

A recently advertised one from The Irish Times:

33 Park Avenue, Sandymount (-100k, -5.71%)

Was 1.75M … -4/1801240

Paper advert no link. Now 1.65M

I think this has been the Price Drop forum since early days of the Pin. If it’s to change at all, it should be changed to the Price Change forum, so that then-and-now comparisons and houses on the same street selling for more money can be noted.

Personally, I believe it should stay as is. It’s bad for data integrity to re-classify something. There may also be more drops to come

I’m glad you are amused FirstBass.

I agree, leave as is

No its not.

15.5% drop on year currently.

Lack of supply would be the main reason right now, but that will change & loads more drops to come in the market.

Care to guess if the CSO index (Dublin) will be positive or negative this month?

don’t know about this month but negative this time next year for sure… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Positive. Just about. Rises in parts of the South balanced by falls elsewhere.

Not sure what such guessing games have to do with my post though

It has to do with your point about data integrity…

Data integrity is one point.

Data relevancy is another.

There is not much relevancy in having a Price Drop category when there are no price drops.

Obviously we will never have price increases, as houses simply sell for over the asking…

Your point on data integrity is a bit lost on me…its not like there is a ‘data bank’ on historic price drops available on the pin…you can search individual properties, thats it…

If there was a graph that showed monthly the amount of properties showing price drops, that would be relevant…

falls elsewhere? enlighten us…they’re not on the pin.

The market is not down 15.5% this year. Thats nonsense.

There have been plenty of falls in the price drops over the last few months.
There is very little new supply anyway so going to be less drops.

Has the price drop thing negated the need for posting them somewhat?

I agree that having a section tracking houses that go sale agreed on original asking would be useful.

He means Year on Year…

Year to Date its probably flat…

Though anyone looking for a house knows that the market bottomed out in September and is up 8% to 10% in the key segment of quality middle class family home; which happens to be the segment that most buyers on the pin are in.

Anyone not looking for a house denies that this is true, and is happy to rely on the data.

Very few falls that I’ve seen in any type of house I’d be interested in Blackdog…

Fair enough if you want to use Ghost estates in Termonfeckin to make the point, or a trophy house in Dalkey reduced from €3mn to €2.5mn…

This time last year I could probably identify 50 houses in areas like Rathgar, Terenure, Clontarf, Drumcondra that had been sitting on the market for 18 months or two years…and had seen the price come down and down and down…

Those are all gone now…there are none of those left…they just dont exist anymore…with the odd exception of the outlier that the EA has forgotten about.

I suppose my posting this thread is borne out of frustration …

… the market has stabilised, and picked up somewhat…that may be bottoming out…that may be a blip…

one way or another…it has happened…it has happened for very obvious reasons…

and the pin failed to spot it coming, and remains in denial about it.

Oh for fucks sake. Read my post again.

This price drop forum was around long before you or I joined the pin. There’s threads going backa long time chronicling the collapse of the bubble. To change the name after a few months of a tighter market is, plainly speaking, fucking stupid.