Price increases on Daftwatch

Some really strange things going on in the market. Within all the price drops, some stonking increases:

And if I recall these have been on the market a while. Bizarre I say :question:

Well, it does let them vastly reduce it in price come the spring selling season!

who falls for that ?

check the price in the area, see everyone is at 600k, offer 500k.

And the friendly bank manager/mortgage approver says…NO WAY FORGET IT !! :smiling_imp:

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

170 Beechwood originally started out at 1,200,000

I was talking to someone who knew the vendor, he said that there hadn’t been a single offer on it even down at 695k. It’s hard to know why they stuck it back up to 900k.

Using that logic, they might as well have put it up for 10 mil

18 months later and Carraig house can now be had for 1.6 million.

Didn’t ye guys get the memo? The “recovery” is starting now.