Price Increases ?*!@#

I must have too much time on my hands … but around the 11th March, these 2 properties in South Dublin actually went up in price based on the info from a well known property website:

47 Kilworth Road, Drimnagh, Dublin 12 (170K to 190K)
Carrickmines Green, Glenamuck Road, Carrickmines, Dublin 18 (145K to 160K)

Great … someone thinks the bottom has arrived and gone!

For as long as I have been monitoring drops/rises, every week there are lot of price drops and always a few price rises. So not sure there’s anything new in this.

Plus you haven’t posted any links for any of the prices.
And the second address is rather vague (no house name/number).

Get ready for the price drops during selling season…!

New reductions! All prices down 10%

Source for the price changes is … although they don’t declare them necessarily. I have tracked about 60 price increases this month so far. Is there some rule or etiquette I am supposed to follow before posting them? Simply googling the addresses above take you to the links on myhome.

Yes, see viewtopic.php?f=23&t=26090

There are lots of price rises recorded every week (twice a week actually) at the likes of

Ok got it thanks. Didn’t know about Collapso … I was building the same kind of thing by automatically scraping the service on a daily basis and tracking their changes (just have it working for South Dublin currently as a test). Doesn’t seem like there is much point now other than I must have too much time on my hands.


IIRC myhome previously frustrated scraping by embedding prices in images. Have they changed this or were you OCRing the prices?

They changed it, prices are now completely scrapable.

Indeed, you can scrap most of them and pick your own number :mrgreen:

It’s position on Google is fairly bad, so I’m not surprised. If the owner of collapso is listening, a little tweaking of the site to make it more search engine-friendly wouldn’t go amiss.

Dublin receivership flats (Carrickmines Green) from €145,000 … 71089.html

These prices are approximateky the same price levels that apts in the Gasworks recently were asking, maybe 5% less
Surely these 1 beds should be starting significantly cheaper, ie 100k?
And lets not exclude the innumerate flats turing up inthe docklands for 100k area at auctions

Innumerable surely?

Don’t count on it.

If it insists on being punny, just smile innumerate.

A dump in Drumcondra up from 220 K to 230 K XX … -9/1423427
Apart from being a dive, all the houses on that road look onto a high brick wall.

Jaysus wept

There’s a downstairs (indoor) bathroom with wc, contemplating the condition of which makes my stomach churn. Nah, that photo must be of the ‘guest’ toilet :nin