Price of a new roof

We purchased a period home back in December and our structural survey flagged the roof as being an issue so we were prepared for having to replace the roof if needs be. It’s a 1500 sqft property. I’ve asked a couple of roofing companies to inspect and give an estimate on repairs.

I’ve some inspections/quotes but the first one back seems high to me.
For a full roof replacement, i.e. remove existing tiles, replace wall plates, treat existing rafters as needed, retile and insulate we were quoted €38,000. This seems high to me.

Needless to say I’m going to get a few more quotes before proceeding but was wondering if any pinsters have experience with this kind of thing? Thanks.

I priced up a period refurb recently. House was 1250 sq ft over two stories, detached, double hipped slate roof. To remove slates, batten, felt and reslate (with existing slates, replacements for breakages) was put in at €6,000 excluding cost of replacement slates / ex. vat and ex. 15% builders profit on the overall job.

Scaffold would have been up for other reasons so wasn’t costed in here.

Dunno what the price of a slate is so add that on if replacing them and a bit for wall plate/joist tidy up. Dunno what kind of insulation you were getting. Dunno if it is standard sized slates or something very small or unusual - but 38K sounds expensive. You wouldn’t get the guy I was using but you should be able to do better than that.

I’d start with a breakdown of costs from your contractor - that way you can sense check each element. How much per slate removed/replaced is he charging, aside from the price of the slate? That’s something you can ring around with - presumably someone cheaper per slate will be cheaper for all the other elements.

Do the slates need replacing? The main problem with old roofs is the iron nails which fix the slates rusting away and the slates slipping down. The slates themselves can be in good (enough) condition and be simply re-used. If they are crumbling though then they need replacement.

I’ve been idly musing on a service offered which would fix the slates of an old roof in position with some kind of easy to apply, squeeze-from-a-gun glue. This, from underside. It would solve the problem of the rotted nails on an otherwise intact, sound roof at a fraction of the cost. No scaffold, no roof off - a fraction of the cost of reslating

You cannot replace the wall plates without removing and reinstalling the rafters. This may mean removing the purlin - horizontal support beams. This makes the job more expensive. Do any of the rafters need to be replaced?

I presume this is a slate roof. If it is a tiled roof, it gets more complex because of the additional weight. There are collar ties - beams between opposite rafters and purlin braces - down beams from horizontal purlins to celing joists.

Can the existing slates be reused or do you need new slates? If you need new slates, what sort are you going to buy - artifical or natural?

Is the roof hipped end (tiled) or gable end (wall)?

Is there a valley or a single ridge roof?

What about ridge tiles and flashing? What about gutters - do they need to be replaced? Are these included in the quote?

Depending on these factors, the cost should be around €12,000 - €20,000. €38,000 seems very high.

To get some initial quotes, try

Didn’t get a breakdown of the individual job costs but detailed breakdown if it helps was for:

  • Erect scaffold
  • Remove ridge tiles, slates and battons
  • Clean off rafters
  • Replace wall plates
  • Treat existing rafters where required
  • Fix new breathable membrane
  • Re-slate with 24x12 slating
  • Re-bed existing ridge tiles
  • Remove all rubble from site

Standard enough roofing job so. No mention of gutters - which might be worth getting attended to at this juncture.

Is it real slate* or man-made slate? Determine which, price up that by way of material cost, subtract it from the total cost (is that with or without VAT at 13.5%?) and compare to the price I posted earlier - which effectively did this same job bar for provision of new slates.

  • If real slate, find out precisely what kind of slate (and ensure that’s what you get) and do a bit of research into it. Welsh slate and Spanish slate aren’t the same quality or price I gather

I did have a discussion with the roofer re. slates. He mentioned that the slates are tegral thrutone, if we wanted spanish it would be an extra €1,000 on the price.

No mention of guttering in that quote, only that the chimney would be reflashed where required.

P.S. that quote is including 13.5% vat so ~€35,000 ex vat.

Let’s suppose 750 sq ft footprint for a 1500 sq ft house over two stories. Time 1.5 to take account of pitched roof. Thus 1125 sq ft of roof surface. Each slate covers about a sq ft of roof. Times 1.15 euro per slate = 1293 euro for the slates themselves.

Now compare 35K ex vat incl man-made slate to 6K ex vat. excluding slate.

Go shopping.

Do any of the current Home Renovation Scheme’s (VAT back, grants etc) apply to re-doing a roof like this?

If so, which?
Might help to take a little of sting off the cost.

Renovations like roof certainly for HRI and insulation for SEAI (dunno if you can get both on the same job). Worth looking into - but better to get a tight cost in the first instance.