Price of land per acre

Don’t know is this even the right site to post this type of question, but hopefully there’s a few farmers on the 'pin!

I’m wondering how much you’d expect to pay per acre in todays market. Not good farmland or anything, just a bit of land that has been let go.

‘Grand Designs’ is a dangerous programme…

It’s been discussed countless times, use the search function but read this excellent article posted earlier today first… … mycat.html

Location, location, location.

Same deal as always.

Currently the farmers themselves in the neighbourhood will give you their appraisal of the land values in that area from an agricultural context. Genuinely I find it hard to pay much over 10,000 for even the most high productive land in Ireland right now. But then again it is reputed from last year that average land prices were about 50% more than that (see the Farmers Journal report on land prices sorry I don’t have a link to this).

The farmers are getting royally screwed over right now. Prices are terrible with production costs greater than prices of sale to the consumer in certain cases.

The Farmers Journal had a supplement on this very topic a few weeks ago.

What part of the country do you want to build in is the important question. You could buy a small farm 24 acres in Co. Roscommon with river frontage and a derelict house for €160,000 asking probably sell for less than 6k per acre. You could also pay €500,000 or 40k per acre for a 12 acre holding in Co. Kildare.

As WII said location, location, location.

There are a lot of lifestyle changes associated with a house out in the sticks but if you are that type go for it. There is also a very big difference between a one off house on an acre as referenced by TUG and a small holding or farm.

Thanks for all that - Interesting article too TUG.

Spent most of my life in the sticks so wouldn’t be a huge shock to the system. Not a building project I was thinking of, or a farm, more a (very) small holding or a house in decent/fixable condition with say, less than 5 or 6 acreas of land.

It would be a total lifestyle change, no denying that. It sounds very tempting to be able to pay off your mortgage in 10 years though, which could be the case. Definitely something to mull over!

if there is a particular area of the country you like, post ads in the local shops; you’ve nothing to lose.

Worth bearing in mind is that marginal land had a floor value of £1700 in 2000 - 2001 dictated by forestry grants available at the time. This put a floor under all types of farmland but as I understand these grants are not now available and the era of the local wideboy builder/developer having loads of cash is gone so we have a situation where the only thing holding up prices is denial and stickiness. A small plot of premuim farmland e.g. 5 acres will always command the highest price available often up to development land prices but crazily you may be able to purchase 20+ acres of good land for very nearly the same price if you bide your time and are not overly fussy about the area.

A browse of sites over 5 acres around the country on Daft will show you the current asking prices. In 2006 €10,000 per acre was the bare minimum for anything other than totally unuseable and smaller parcels were €25,000 plus where there was no possibility of sites being sold.

The national average price for Irish farmland was €21,145 per acre in 2008, representing a drop of 16.8%. The average in Great Britain during 2008 was £4,200 per acre (€4,726). … 5968.shtml

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