"Price on application"

I’m seeing this more and more. Used to only see it on very high-end properties but I saw it today on an ex-copo 2-bed.
Why are they doing this? Is it to hide price reductions?

I would expect this is one of the last things they will use before the market tanks totally, I would describe it as trying to stall the inevitable.

This has been used since 2006 on all types of properties.

Obfuscation. To be honest, I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction of phoning up and asking.

I’d say it’s to hide a major price reduction so it won’t ‘contaminate’ other similar properties! Someone desparately wants to sell but the EA doesn’t want to cause a major imbalance on the tissue of fabric that is the asking price floor (ceiling?)…

Likewise. As a prospective buyer I just ignore properties with this attached.

POA means Please Offer Anything

Go into a supermarket and see how good offers are advertised; the price is always prominently displayed. When someone is selling a house without an advertised price it usually means that the hidden price isn’t seen as a key selling point, by the owner or the agent.

To be honest. I think the likes of Daft or MyHome should mandate a few of the following requirements…

  • Price
  • One decent photo per room (no trick photography)
  • Room measurements and overall sqm of the property
  • Alongside ensuring BER Certs, etc.

Of course, that suits neither agenda so fat chance. And fat chance of any legislative imperative either unless the government suddenly copped on that a transparent housing market would actually result in a bit of a windfall for the state as currently zero level of tax receipts is not better than a moderate level.

If you have to ask, you can’t afford it :nin

:laughing: :laughing:

I don’t see the point in not doing any of that. The vast, vast majority of houses are sold to people who have gone to see them. So if they describe a house as 3 bed, when the 3rd room won’t actually fit a bed, or they fail to include a photo of the room with a hole in the floor the potential customer will notice it when they go to look. And then they will be pissed off with the agent for wasting their time.

But you are not going to go and look at every house. If the information online was more transparent it would be easier to compare houses and know which were worth viewing.

I totally see the point in doing that so that my time doesn’t get wasted in the first place and I don’t get annoyed.

Room measurements are standard practice in France and Germany even for rentals, never mind sales.

I said I don’t see the point of not doing that. As in it is ridiculous for the agents to try to obfuscate the information online as any interested purchasers will find out the truth when they go to a viewing and then be pissed off with the agent.

I think it’s just a technique to measure interest and the legitimacy of the price
They figure if you are willing to call you are at least mildly interested and if when hit with the price that interest goes away, then when this happens often enough they figure the price is too high and try to get the vendor to reduce it

There is a solution to some of this madness and it allows me to get some of my own back.

I’ve done it. The auctioneers don’t like it but really I don’t care since they were part of it in the first place.

So, say I see a house that I like but it’s offered at “POA”.
Then what I do is I go to the agents web-site or Dat, MyHome, PropertyNews etc. listing and get a listing of each and every single one of their “POA” houses.
I identify the “POA” house that is nearest to the one that I am genuinely interested in.
I call up and identify both of these houses and ask the prices.
Then I continue one by one to name and ask for the price on each of the others.
Eventually they do get the message - ther’s nothing like a bit of their own medicine to have them feeling how it is to be on the other side. I feel that it actually pisses them off. Well so it is - they deserve it for wasting even a second of my time in the first place.

If there is any guff about it then I let them have it. Including about why there were no interior photographs of the house, lack of measurments etc. but I think they faze out at this stage.