"Price reduced" sign on Cromwellsfort Road

Spotted by Johnny today on the Cromwellsfort Road, Walkinstown. Reality must be really beginning to bite out there…

this sentiment buster brought to you by Johnny

trouble is they are probably reducing it from something like €450K to €435K.

The more of these that keep appearing though the weaker sentiment becomes.

There’s another one on Crumlin Road

Go raibh maith agat, a Cheartais Dhaill… :smiley:

Exactly. And then the weaker the property market in general becomes. And then the weaker the banking sector becomes. And then the weaker the economy becomes. And then the weaker the state becomes.

And then all it takes is around 50-100 strong, dedicated, resourceful socialist republicans, armed with no more than, say 2 fully loaded AK-47s each and some minor heavy mobile artillery for back-up to enter the Leinster House chamber while the Dáil is in session and… Oh, sorry, wrong forum.

Quietly logs out and plots further sedition


Come on now Johnny get real there for gawds sake. Where are you going to find even 50 resourceful socialist republicans? :wink: :smiley:


Was that a mate of yours on Camden street?

The Revolution is afoot, a chara. Never doubt the resourcefulness of my able cadres. :smiley:

*Pencils Duplex in for lengthy spell of political rehabilitation in government re-education labour zone *

I have a better idea :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

revolutions are pointless unless the vast majority of people are behind it !!

sure the whole country here are in on this, so many either voted FF, got caught in the bubble by buying or actually built some of the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of vacant properties :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

best be off to another country if we wanna start an mercenary outfit LOL


Pencils Johnny in for lengthy spell of political rehabilitation in government re-education labour zone* for using the D word in reference to Leinster house parliament

*Chain gang demolishing appartments in city centre

In effect, what the estate agent is try to say…

“Look here sonny, can’t you see that the price has already been reduced. So offer the bloody asking price”.

I take it from the reduced price on the picture this is the place
reduced to sell sonny
It’s a good 35,000 cheaper than the next one up on Cromwellsfort Road of which there are 3 others similar for sale on myhome

Those ‘Price Reduced’ signs are very good.
I suggested them in our office 12 months ago, but was shot down.

I dont understand the concept of reducing prices and then trying to hush it up.
Can you imagine Tesco dropping all its prices by 20% and telling noone about it ?
Or a high-street shop not having big ‘SALE’ signs in its window.
Crazy !

Chopping the price makes the property better value and hence more likely to sell. Not telling people about it makes it a waste of time.

myhome has made the same mistake, probably on the advice of estate agents who dont know what they are doing.

You can’t put up a “price reduced” sign in Ireland because property prices never fall here. That would leave you open to false advertising.

You would have thought an estate agents would have known about these things. :wink:

The EA on the sign is different from the EA on the link you provided.


if you stick ‘former’ between ‘resourceful’ and ‘socialist’ then RTE and/or the SBP might give you a quota

You could probably apply the same logic to the Labour Party…

You’re right, double checking threw up this one which has the right EA

And then double checking the prices again brought this up as the cheapest on the road on myhome

So the price reduced thing is just an eye grabber. Mr_A the fools should’ve listened to you, I’d’ve gone and bought that gaff thinking it was the cheapest in town :smiley:

I can’t believe houses in Walkinstown have such high asking prices. :astonished: