Price rises in D4

Here are two similar enough houses to consider in Ballsbridge. Same orientation and roughly the same size.


Sold last year for approx €2million … -4/1954516

For sale now for €2.75 million

The only difference being €500k-€800k refurb required on 63 to bring it up to the standard of “The Moorings”. Oh Yeh and the additional €750k required to buy 63 Merrion Road.

If it sells for the asking price what % can we say prices in Ballsbridge have increased by?

I am reasonably confident that they have fallen 75%-80% since the peak but it looks like they are starting to rebound.

With your heavy exposure to the asset class of D4/D6 property wouldn’t you just love it to be true. I have the opposite view that D4/D6 will be the last stand of Canny McSavvy

As a buyer in the current market it does not really suit me :frowning:

I would be much happier to see rents jump up another 20%.

And for the avoidance of doubt I own several properties in D2 & D4.

yeah, yeah and goldbugs keep buying too.

Landlord - you really are relentless - if I had something to sell in d2 or d4 you’d be the kind of buyer I’d hope to sell to :smiley:

I’ve no issue with Landlord highlighting rising prices. If there’s something wrong with what he’s saying, challenge it.

To me the question is not whether prices are rising in some areas - I believe they are - but whether the rises are sustainable.

Comparing an actual sales price with a '“if it sells for” is fairly pointless.

asking prices, not selling prices in a market where bankruptcy tourists, bank forbearance and NAMA,IBRC are temporarily distorting the market.

Landlord and Fingers should just be locked in a thread of their own for all eternity.

Price rises in D4? :unamused:

Last updated property on the list increased from 247500 to 249000, it must be true!

You can pick up four semi-d’s just up the street for €437k each (probably even less as it’s a receivership) if you want:

Let’s say reconversion costs @ 150k per house to bring them to base finish then another 100k for a high-end ‘D4’ kit-out and you’re close to the true value of this type of property.

I agree that if you look at this particular house, that prices are rising. However, I don’t think it’s necessarily realistic or representative of the overall market.

‘The Moorings’, No. 59, was a far superior house in my opinion. Granted, it wasn’t a redbrick - but that certainly doesn’t bother me. It was a very unusual and distinctive house. It sold in the region of £2.5m - £3m in 2000 and it supposedly went for €2m last year (after being lavishly renovated). It was great value in my opinion for a large family home in walk-in condition on the Golden Triangle. (Shrewsbury/Ailesbury/part of Merrion Road between them)

No. 63 is really a totally different proposition, and I don’t think €2.75m is achievable given its condition.

you mean a cash buyer :slight_smile:

Since the start of the year I have made 1 purchase :slight_smile:

And I am still looking

On a separate point, I don’t understand why you think my claims are fervent. I comment on my current experiences in the market.

I comment when rents/prices, rise & fall in D2 & D4.

Recently some of the bear pinsters ridiculed/challenged (I think yourself might have provided some of the challenge) some my comments about 20% rent rises in D4 & D2. Luckily the Daft report agreed with my assessment 3 months later.

Prices are rising in SCD, D2 & D4 and I believe the increases are sustainable. The reality is not everybody can afford to live in the better parts of these locations.

Some pinsters forget (because of their own circumstances and experiences) is that some people are doing very well in this recession.

The whole ‘micro-market developing’ thing is just tedious at this stage and I see many posters who should know better going along with it unquestioningly. It’s just another version of ‘Ireland is different.’ Prices in Sandyford will affect prices in Dundrum which will affect prices in Clonskeagh which will affect prices in Milltown which will affect prices in Ranelagh.

In fairness to LL he did also say that subsequent to the 20% rises that rents have come back 5% in D2/D4 which would sort of tally with what I have observed in the last couple of months.

I believe the information is contained within the Daft reports.

However Coles2 did sterling work in presenting the data graphically for many areas of Dublin (including D4)


Yep not sure where that reference is from

Compare the movement in average rents between different Daft reports.