Priced to entice … rf/1989996

Rang the EA to arrange to view.
He told me I was welcome to view but the the vendors would only accept offers in the region of €350…!!

I asked him why then advertise it at 275, he said that that was to entice viewers, but i said you just told me the asking price is €350… logic is obviously not his strong point…

How long would it have taken them to move the **four **bins that are visible in the main photograph? 40 seconds maybe? Just temporarily, like, while they take the pic!

Delusional. Swivel EA, swivel.

Long way to go yet if that goes above 200k

Treat this delusion with the contempt it deserves:

Arrange your viewing.

Then offer 120,000.

Perhaps they are trying their utmost NOT to sell the property? Going through the motions to keep a bank happy? Or is this what these … residences… are selling for these days?

That’s some fancy wide cars the neighbours have in pic 8

its worth a lot more than 200

its worth a lot less than 350

its worth 275

What an ugly looking house!

Ha Ha well spotted :unamused:

Picture 4…it just keeps on giving.

So the EA has admitted that they deliberately engaged in “Misleading Advertising” by misrepresented the price that the property is being advertised for sale at, in so far as the vendor has stated no intention to sell at the advertised price. This was not a genuine mistake, but a premeditated act.

If so, that could leave the EA open to action taken against them under the Consumer Protection Act (2007).

I suspect that either of the bodies below would be interested;

National Consumer Agency

4 Harcourt Road
Dublin 2

Opening Hours:- Lines open Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm
Tel:(01) 402 5555
Locall:1890 432 432
Fax:(01) 402 5501

Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland

Ferry House
48 Lower Mount Street
Dublin 2

Tel:+353 (0)1 613 7040
Fax:+353 (0)1 613 7043

Blue Horseshoe

Pic 7 looks like some class of a coffin room.

Loving the bent railing and lopsided curtains in pic 8.

What a dump.

Really? It’s a massively outdated shoebox and in need of total refurb’.
You think that’s worth 275?

How much would this cost to make liveable?

This one a few doors away is on at €360. Its been a rental for over 20 years and right beside a lane walkthrough to Malahide Road. Whats this one worth?

I’ll see you picture 4 and raise you Picture 2 - look at the width of the door!

Brilliant! 8DD

For good measure lodge a complaint here
Complain that advertising was misleading see Section 1.11 of the code of practice.
We should put the psra to work and see if the are toothless.

Other gaff has had the garage converted, who knows how good thee refurb was though. For a rental, the other gaff is in pretty reasonable condition and you could probably live in it as is.

The OP’s gaff is a complete disgrace. Asking €10k less for a house that definitely needs new windows, new flooring, new kitchen, new fittings, painting, decorating, etc. is just a joke. It’s worth about €260k.

Come on now.

At €120k you’re looking at repayments of about €550 a month on a 25 year mortgage. A gaff like this done up to even a semi reasonable standard will get €1.5k a month.

I assume that 120k wasn’t so much a serious price as a suggestion to match the estate agent’s delusions and time wastingly misleading pricing with a little delusion and time wasting of the viewer’s own?

It is a stunningly miserable little box.

I passed this road this afternoon, swung a left into see the ‘Priced to entice house’ and also the above mentioned house, as I almost booked a viewing to see that one as a rental about 3-4 years ago.
At that time, I recall it was at first viewing down that laneway that put me off before I even bothered proceeding any further to look at the house as a rental.

Today as I did a drive by, I was stuck behind a gang of about 15 young lads who had just come out of the said laneway from the Malahide Rd side, abviously using it as a short cut, and just walked down the middle of the road acting like complete wan*ers refusing to move out of the way to let me pass by in the car…
How much is it worth… ? As a primary residence, not a lot I’d say with that laneway for sure.

IMO… Only worth considering if you thought you might manage to convince Dublin City Council to Extinguish that lanes right of way and get it blocked off.