Prices going up???

I always keep a regular eye on the houses on daft using the propertbee toolbar, on thing I have noticed is that a fair few house has gone up in price from November of last year, ragingin in value from 10k to 20k, does anyone know whay this would be. These same houses appear to be on the market for the last year, and still have not sold so how does EA’s think that they will seel quicker by putting the price up?

are they 2nd hand or new developments?

As far as I can see they are 2nd Hand

They’re covered in snow. They look nicer :laughing:

Who cares if prices are going up.
If they wern’t selling at the lower price, they certainly won’t be selling at the higher one.

Put it up, then put it down, voilà REDUCED TO SELL

This is partially because organisations like Davy’s come out with reports saying property prices are at bottom of the market, based on no real factual information.

They report this as it is in their vested interest to do so. Estate Agents/Sellers then listen to this rubbish as they think it is true and that Ireland will some how miracioulsy be back in a growth situation and the property market will be booming by the end of the year!!!

Yet if they looked at the facts (i.e. banking situation, unemployment, emigration) instead of increasing prices they may realise that to sell the houses on their books, they are going the wrong way about it.

As DE will no doubt note, irishpropertywatch generally sees something in the order of 50-100 increases per report…

So yeah, crack open your neighbour’s head and feast on the goo inside… It’s clearly time!


That was worth another look alright. And certainly paid off for the amusement value -

  • 1 Coolflugh, Tower, Blarney - 740% increase thanks to an errant extra zero… (650k to 5.45m price diff)
  • Derryharrow, Longford, Co. Longford - 725% increase thanks to our old zero friend again (120k to 990k)
    …which between them account for a significant portion of the ‘majority of the average increase was €254,779’ (and a full third of the total ‘increase’)


Good work!

nice one

yup, IPW is a great service.

I really should have deleted those odd increases :blush: