Prices have not fallen 20% (The Market has fallen 20%)

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While most pinsters will know and understand this post I feel that it needs to be stated clearly for Joe Public:

The CIF (et al) have started their campaign to get the market back on track, as we all know and as they have stated that they would do. A number of VI’s have said that the last year prices have fallen up to 20% and many bears have been quite surprised by their honesty. Some realise what the game here is, but I think that it needs to be made very clear to Joe Public: PRICES HAVE NOT FALLEN BY 20%, BUT THE MARKET HAS. For property obsessives, like myself, this might be an obvious fact. What we need to make clear is that sellers who have dropped by 20% are selling while those who have not are not - again quite obvious, but from chats some people think that most prices have fallen 20% and now is the time to get back in.
We are at a very delicate stage of the downturn and do not have a proper land registry to inform people - we do not need a bull-trap (dead cat bounce) to postpone this and to hurt more people.

So the point I’m making and the one that I want all bears to tell their mates is ‘The market and not prices are down 20%’

PS. This site is damn good and I cannot say how happy I am with both the calibre of posters and the new apps\sites to monitor prices. Keep up the good work.

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We are talking about a Bull Trap not a Bear Trap ( if indeed anything) next 2nz , ie latent visceral bulls lep in at a short loved false recovery then followed by a violent downward movement .

Bear traps involve selling at a peak shortly before the real peak…say Autumn 2005 in this case.

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Lets just stay on the subject of Bull Traps shall we

I’ll post that graphic again. You say that we are progressing from denial into Bull Trap I believe .

Lets call this “Country Toms Bull Trap” as the CIF is responsible for co-ordinating the guff . The phrase has a certain ring to it if you will pardon the agricultural pun 8)

This graph is a universal depiction of a bubble, any bubble in fact not just in housing .

Personally I believe a bull trap …if there is one…will be less pronounced than that …more a flatline break in the downward momentum . We may even be past it and have not noticed.

2Pack you absolute legend! You’ve put my exact thoughts of late into a succinct paragraph that’s so true, it’s hilarious!

Im leaning that direction now, we may see it only in retrospect.
These people buying at the approx 20% cuts may be it

Well hang on. Mr Anderson has told us in the clearest possible terms that South Dublin has levelled in the past 6 months …eg the effective falls were in the summer 2006-summer 2007 timeframe. Mr Anderson is a very accurate source on the ground.

There could therefore be a South Dublin led bull trap for a few months this summer with Brendan writing articles about testicles on the front of the indo …as he does.

So lets not rule out an uptick but I just feel that the credit cruchies appear to be too tasty and will act as a brake on it. Hence my feeling that a flatline is the ‘best’ bull trap achievable by County Tom.

Going nowhere is the new up and all that .

Totally agree there 2Pack !! and have been preaching this graph to mates. And, yep, I reckon too that it might now be flatlining too, hard to say…but we are at a delicate stage now and the point I want to make is not to the choir but to Joe Public. As the lunatic in charge of the States would say: “We gotta stay the course” :wink:

As far as I’m concerned, I’ve been telling people since last summer that this March\April will see Panic Season take hold.

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I find the whole thing more than slightly discomforting. They marched them up to the top of the hill and they can may their own arrangements regarding the return trip.

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