Prices in Dublin 4 much lower than 2014 for €1m houses



My points are clear.

First property dismissed because your friend believes it was a family transfer.

Second dismissed because it occurred in 2011 and 17% increase since then was “not insignificant”. (When market has increased roughly 70% from 2011 - 2019.

Third dismissed because PPR may be erroneous and ‘he’ could not find it in land registry records.

“ok i cant help but disprove another lie of yours before i ignore you since the evidence and truth are on the page in front of all of us”

Another comment seeking to disparage and belittle me. Does this make you feel good.

You have been been shown to have no evidence to counter my points - in particular in properties 2 and 3 and are only interested in bullying. Then accuse me of bullying when I have solely focussed on facts you do not like.

You have been reported for abuse. I hope you will learn from this.


Closer to the Dodder seems to be more at risk. Govt will do whatever is necessary re the sea wall to prevent flooding here.


Help!! We need to get more clones involved quick. There’s only 8 of us bullying a guy who had the temerity to search for St Albans Park, Sandymount on the PPR. He didn’t accept that @buyersagent could dismiss any PPR entry he liked.

Help, I think they’re on to us!!


Always happy to help😀

Try buying a Serpentine Road house with this sq footage and in this condition in the last 5 years for under 1m.


yet 10 serpentine road at 108 m2 sold for 930k having sold for 655k 5 years previous.

at 8,610 per sq/m, its almost as if people will pay a premium for refurbished houses with modern BER ratings, whoever buys no 8 will most likely have to spend a minimum of 300k on it probably closer to 4, which then brings it in line with the 1.265m that no 4 sold for in 2018 which was fully refurbed.


The pictures I would have thought are pretty OK? Would a refurb of 3-400k not indicate a full gutting?


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A thread about property prices droppin’ on the pin of all places, and yet not everyone agrees, oh dear oh dear… whatever next. :whistle:

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its an E2 BER, a full gutting is what it needs unfortunately.


according to the latest CSO property index figures (October 2020) houses in Dublin City are -4.4%, houses in South Dublin are +1.5%. I am not sure which category Sandymount would fall into.

overall houses in Dublin are -1.5% according to the CSO figures. see below


That is surely where the property market is going and chimes with what i’ve seen. People less inclined to live in city centre apartments now, short term lets under pressure etc. so there will inevitably be a decrease in city centre prices.
There remains a huge shortage of decent housing stock in SCD, ever increasing stream of FTB mortgage approvals many of whom now want to get out of the city etc, people increasing savings over Covid. All in, SCD housing market in the 400k - 1m level is going to, at worst, stay neutral in 2021.


Ah I just missed you, truth be told. You’ve gone a bit quiet lately (or so it seems), but I don’t blame you basking the the zero covid summertime heat, while we are all locked-down in our overpriced, under-insulated SCD lumps :wink:


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Interesting that suggestions of price drops in SCD are generating so much heat.

When was the last time that happened?


I think most people here are looking for and hoping for price declines, but most people genuinely looking to buy are probably trying to look at the facts alone and not tidbits of information without context and this is wise.

The OP put forward 3 properties that could be summarised as;

  1. transfer between two family members
  2. house sold for 18% more than it previously sold for (how is this ‘much lower’ than 2014?)
  3. the family home of a property developer who has companies showing debts of €67 million over its assets, which went off the market, and popped up in the register in 2020 for a suspiciously low price. Other poster pointed out there is no evidence that it has actually changed ownership. OP has not yet offered any information to the contrary. A transaction in the property price register does not equal a ‘sale’.

3 examples, 1 proven actual sale, which contradicts to the OP’s stated position about prices going down because the price is higher than what was paid for it.

If someone has genuine examples of family homes in SCD genuinely selling for below 2014 values I think people would be happy to hear them, but the examples put forward are not examples of that from what I have read above.

There are lots of properties selling, people should continue to post examples they see and if other users have information that explains the reason for a strangely high or low price being achieved then hopefully they will share that info.


There is no question that there has been several billion of deposits building up this year, which sort of supports the market sentiment.

We like to save money in Ireland and much and all as we’ve generally disliked ‘lockdown’, and all that it has meant in terms of an erosion of our personal freedoms, it has enabled many people to put even more money aside.

According to the Central Bank, deposits in banks and credit unions soared this year, by as much €4.5 billion in March and April alone at the height of lockdown. In the first nine months, households put €11 billion on deposit.

Collectively, we now have over €120 billion in savings and deposits in various institutions.

While the Mortgage lending thread tells its own story when it comes to unwinding of Mortgage debt in the Banks.


€1m house in 2020 post-Covid - 69 South Hill, Dartry - €1,000,000

Closest comparison to 2014 prices:
19/11/2013 - €605,000.00 - 23 South Hill, Dartry, Dublin 6
26/07/2012 - €635,000.00 - 58 South Hill, Dartry, Dublin 6
16/04/2012 - €535,000.00 - 55 South Hill, Dartry, Dublin 6

How many months do you all think it will be before the trend of €1m houses going below 2014 prices reaches Dartry? I’d like to buy one at much lower than 2014 rates, preferably. That €535k price in particular would suit me.


Well this has just gone SA. Be interesting to see what it hits the PPR at!


Not in Dublin 4 but will be an interesting indicator of the market, newly refurbed turn key redbrick in dun laoghaire, launching outside the selling season at 1.6m.

Stunning renovation but the location isnt prime imo. interesting to see how it goes.


Pretty much brand new. Not alot on the market like this. 6k per SQM. Would consider that pretty fairly priced.