Prices in Dublin 4 much lower than 2014 for €1m houses



Fair points.

However, as an observer, and as someone with a declared interest (I am a potential mid range buyer) as well as being someone who has been reading this forum for a long time, I find it interesting that the suggestion that some properties in SCD may have recently sold for below accepted market value is creating a bit of a stir, to be an interesting phenomenon in and of itself.

I think everyone accepts that 2020 has been an unusual year. And that attempts to extrapolate behaviour or trends that have manifested over the past 12 months into or across the next few years to be unwise.

However, those of us who remember 2005 to 2010 remember how officialdom attempted to keep a lid on any potential negativity as it applied to property prices more generally. Indeed, the suggestion that any stated or recorded external factor or event that could potentially impact upon prices, may be experiencing significant levels of pushback a la what we have seen in the past (and what appears to have manifested during the course of this thread over the past couple of days) is somewhat curious to say the least.

Maybe nothing. But those of us who remember will always draw comparisons with what happened 12 or so years ago.


i find it more interesting that an agenda of wholesale price drops is being pushed and then when some are debunked or challenged all hell breaks loose.

i have no issue with fair commentary and actual examples of price drops, i dont have any skin in the game, but something about this current agenda across here and other sites doesnt sit well.


I see you casting shade. But you seem to be practicing what you preach against.

Can you provide some examples of your own claims?

“all hell breaks loose.”…?
" this current agenda "…?


Ah the old chestnut of a conspiracy to talk down the market marketing dollar.

I can see where this is going. AAM purged users for talking about property prices. Hey I got a great idea, let’s purge users who don’t want to talk about price drops. It feels cosmically balanced man. :joy:

Truthfully the debate is more usefully framed as per the greatest thread ever:


just search through the threads, there are a number of posters posting examples of what they see as price drops and see what happens when they are corrected or challenged,

unfortunately a lot of the posts have been deleted.

anyway, feel free to make up your own mind.


I would like prices to go down, to trade up. There’s my agenda. I don’t believe in buying into fallacy to suit what I would like to happen in the market, I am only interested in what is actually happening in the market. Handpicking examples of transactions in the property price register that are not sales (and this could be intentional) will not help my understanding, or anyone’s understanding, of the market.

I would not describe a dozen users on the propertypin as ‘officialdom’ to be honest, most of us who have an issue with incorrect data being pushed are just not interested in fallacy from what I can see.

I will keep my eye out for sales that actually show a drop. Watch this space.


Im not sure anyone has suggested that there have been ‘wholesale’ price drops.

All Ive seen is a suggestion that ‘some’ properties in SCD have sold for less than what it would have been assumed was their market value.

Given the collapse in transaction numbers and general housing market activity, these drops have been cited as a potential canary, especially in light of wider economic and societal upheaval.

Obviously other sales have been cited as evidence against this argument.

Thats how debate works and the jury is clearly still out as to where things are likely to go from here.


Well said…


“One swallow does not a summer make.”

Personal anecdote: I have heard of one 20-25% discount during covid times to move a sale along.
There were other circumstances too.

It’s too early too say either way what might happen…
(Posters should always aim to distinguish fact from opinion.)
Posters are entitled to their opinion regarding property trends. The issue is where posters confuse the 2.


I hear you…but like…it’s an online forum…it’s a given that people are expressing their opinions…I don’t think anyone needs to clarify that. Facts are open to interpretation - that’s life.


Yep, facts are open to interpretation…

Good or bad, that’s where argumentation comes in.

[fact: a thing that is known or proved to be true.]

After everyone has beaten the crap out of each other arguing this way and that way…eventually it becomes a fact.

That doesn’t mean it can’t be disputed (new info etc.),…but that’s how it works AFAIK.


Remember I said it was going to be a long sh*tty winter??

Welcome to Lockdown #2

D4 prices are going south.



D4 prices have held up (and gone up in several cases) since Covid started. If the vaccine rollout goes well the impending lockdown is likely to be the last of the major lockdowns. People are now probably for the first time in over 6 months starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel so maybe Covid will no longer influence the market.


That’s an exceedingly optimistic view.


The only influence Covid has had on the property market is it has caused supply to fall, demand to increase, and therefore prices to increase…
So maybe we need Covid to disappear for prices to decrease :grinning:


And yours is exceedingly pessimistic in the face of available evidence


G’day mate, welcome back.
We’re on Lockdown #4 at this stage I think, hard to keep count.
And prices are still not ‘going south’.
And the stock market continues on it’s upward trend.
Retail sales in Ireland up 8% on the year to end of October. It’s incredible really: